Looking for suggestions

This is, or was, or is supposed to be, an ak-47. A feminized, NOT auto-flowering seed from ILGM.
It survived a rust fungus attack, which the one I had planted as a first grow in the Grobo, did not.

I think you will agree that it certainly does not to appear to be an AK-47 or much of any other kind of pot plant that I have ever seen.

I need some suggestions about what I should do with it as far as pruning, and managing it. I have read up on all of the HST and LST techniques but they don’t really fit this lady. I am relatively sure that there are flowers forming at 21-3 so I just put the tent into 12-12 to make her comfortable. I have already removed the huge fan leaves that completely covered her internals.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You probably watched this one: ((#YouTubeVideo))… :video_camera:

How to Maximize Yields training Cannabis: Topping, Supercropping, LST, and Micro-topping - YouTube



Thanks for the input.

I have watched that and read everything here. My problem is that the plant is 16 inches across (after trimming the huge fan leaves) and only 8 inches high so there is not much room to work under the top layer. I have used the HST method to bend the very center colas out to the sides so that the top can receive some light. It has been topped once.

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Just try and bend laterally and try and get the chutes to grow straight up like


Ok, I cleared out all of the growth underneath (one helluva bunch of it) and tied down the branches that we were providing the most cover to the rest of the plant.

More or too much ?

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That stock is a monster. How close to the canopy do you have your lights and what kind and wattage is it? What is your environment like? In tent/room, temps/humidity etc. and what kind of strain? Seems to me she needs to do some stretching. :+1::v:

Ooops , saw its in a tent. You using led or hps?

105 watt from the wall led. Light was about 20". This is the ak-47 that was stunted by a rust fungus. Only about 8" tall but the most prolific foliage producer I have ever seen. It is also the first plant that I have had reach maturity and most of the growing tips don’t really fit. It is also supposed to be photo flowering but started flowering when the lights were on 21-3.

She sounds like an auto to me

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You should ask @Stephen to take a look at your data and a few pics of your girl.:+1::v:

The one in the Grobo died. Since this is the tent there’s no data.

Shit, my bad. Totally forgot the plant we were discussing. She does sound like an auto, but that stalk is a beast. I will tell you a 100 watt light is too small by a lot. Also you need something full spectrum, are you by any chance using an led light designed for seedlings? The smallest light I’ve used for veg is a 250 watt full spectrum ufo led. Which I change to a 600w full spectrum advanced platinum led. Those are the smallest lights I use for a one plant setup.

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The led I have is rated at 1000 watt but I have found the stated wattage is not as reliable as the actual wattage being pulled from the wall. Most 600 watt LEDs pull around 100 actual watts. My tent is only 2X3 and I plan to put together another one for flowering with a three COB light.


This is important info. Most of the LED lights on Amazon are sold as combined wattage, the draw from the wall isn’t the same. My 300w UFO full spectrum pulls about 110w from the wall.

With that being said an advertised 1000w LED would not be equivalent to 1000w HID.

My Grobo with the two fans and air pump running pulls 109w from the wall. :man_shrugging:


Yea I find the grobo light is weaker than i desired … still works but I’m finding that my buds are just not filling out the way I want them to…


I wish there was a light upgrade or something