Should I add more time to late veg?

As I mentioned in the subject, should I extend late veg or go ahead to transition? She really shot up over this last week and she’s doing well.

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I’m a beginner so I don’t have the answer, but it might depend on whether you have an autoflowering or photoperiod strain so post what you have. Just an fyi, I’ve read on here that extending in transition isn’t recommended - only veg, flower, & flush.

Thanks!. The strain is Mazar Kush. Feminized. Non-auto.

I’d say extend til you reach at least the top of the first fan, but that advice is based on reading posts on here, not personal experience as I’m on my first grow. General rule of thumb is to switch to flower when you’re halfway to your desired height.

So far I’ve added a week to early veg (there is no late veg in my recipe btw) to my Auto Jack Herer and I’ll probably add another since she seems to be growing really slowly.

Day 27: 17/21 Early Veg


Since its indica dominant extend late veg until you hit the second fan. Then she will shoot up on you from there as she starts the flowering stretch. You probably have a couple more weeks.


Top of the second fan or bottom of second fan.

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Thanks for the responses. I know this question is all over the forum but when should I start trimming some bottom leaves and when should I top her?She’s at 5 nodes.

It’s the perfect time to top. You can start trimming (small amounts) soon!

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I usually trigger at the bottom of the top fan.

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Top now between 4-7, and then you can trim some of those lower fan leaves in a couple weeks or so.

Do you mean 4-7 days or 4-7 nodes?

He means 4-7 nodes.



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