Just did some light pruning. need advice

Hi everyone, especially @Todd.grobo @SilverGrobo @Hellyesshedid

I’m on day 48 -24/28 late veg. This is a Mazar Kush non-auto. I’ve been watching videos, reading books and I still don’t feel I know enough but I went ahead and did some light pruning/lollipopping.

Do I need to take off any large fan leaves?

If you could Please take a look and let me know your thoughts I would much appreciate it.


@Todd.grobo @SilverMatrix @Bplatinum9 would have a better idea than I would. (I’m on my first grow :sweat_smile:)

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Up to you, but if you can bend them away thay would work. If not, remove the large fan leaves they are definitely blocking some bud sites. But looking pretty good



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(Do what you like with this grow and have it as your base grow for the next grows): (Every grow can be a little different, play around with them and find your favorite way of growing):


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Looks good atm

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Did a tad more pruning to expose bud sites


tip for you @pkroaster
Turn your nutrient bottls sideways and youll see their levels more often.


Thanks! I’ll do that.

If your in late veg- from the height- probably will end up needing to extend. I think the rule of thumb is to extend until plant reaches top of 2nd fan before moving into transition. As it grows taller, it makes it easier to decide what to remove thats in the shadows.

I’ve been snipping the branches- instead of just the actual leaves and leaving the branches- but who knows if I’m right about that aspect hahaha so definately pay attention to what more experienced growers are suggesting

Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. I just extended late veg for another week which will add 10 or 11 more days to the current amount.

I’m extending Late veg for about 10 more days. This is my first grow and there are so many articles and videos that it’s hard to decide what to do. The last article I read suggested pruning and then giving it a week or more to recover before the transition so that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

She’s a beauty @pkroaster! Can’t tell did you top her? You could lose that next bottom set of big fan leaves. No light = no energy for plant. Just always think you want a foot of canopy and to bend top leaves out of the way of bud sites/colas. :+1:

@Sandycamel, @pkroaster this is when its important to know your strains.
Sativa grows tall = grow to the bottom of second fan
Indicas grow short and bushy = grow to the top of second fan.
Rule of thumb = your plant grows 50% more after late veg so in transition/flower your plant size may double.


I’m growing Chem squeezey by freeworld. It’s either indica or hybrid leaning towards indica. Doesnt specify but maybe I’ll transition at the middle of the 2nd fan then. For trimming, should I only remove fan leaves or snip the whole branch near the main stem?

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If you provide a picture we can both be a bit more accurate because sometimes the words get lost in translation.
The only way to remove a fan leaf is to remove it from the main stem.

But again we could be talking about two different things.
Example pic:
inside this red circle someone snipped off bud sights attached to sweet leafs by mistake.
The other five leaves outside of the red circle are fan leaves properly clipped from the main stem.

Another Example: if your fan leaf doesn’t have a stem when removed you have done it wrong.
Hope this answers your question, if not post a pic and I can show you were to cut.


Here’s some pics and appreciate the knowledge. I’ve hear that fan leaves on top I should bend or remove so lights not blocked


First start with cleaning up your bottom area.
Rule of thumb never take off more than 20% of the entire plant at one time.

Next cut or bend/tuck any large fan leaf that is blocking a bud sight.

Then get to know your defoliation timelines…

Take a look at the defoliation timeline and follow as a rule of thumb…

Nebula’s Bud-Based Defoliation Technique (Quick Summary)

So basically, my (personal) cannabis defoliation technique could be summed up like this:

Vegetative Stage

  • Plant Training – Train plant(s) to grow into a generally flat and wide shape, so they fill your grow space like a table. This makes it so you have multiple colas located at the top of the plant and close to the light. Or choose a Sea of Greensetup (growing many small plants) and skip the training!
  • Defoliate the middle and bottom of your plant(s ) whenever you can’t see light coming through them. When the middle is completely dark it means the plant is too bushy!

Right Before Switch to 12/12

  • Do this step when plant is about half the final desired height (since it will about double in size after the switch to 12/12)
  • Lollipop the plant (completely strip the lowest leaves on the plant that will never get light, leaving the bud sites intact)
  • Remove big fan leaves on the upper part of the plant (making sure not to damage bud sites) until plant is not leafy. If you can easily see your plant’s stems it’s a good time to stop.

Week 3 After Switch to 12/12

  • One Last Defoliation at Flowering Week 3 – Now that you’re three weeks into the flowering stage, do another major removal of just about all the fan leaves. Make sure to especially take any big leaves with long stems, or leaves that are covering bud sites! Again, avoid removing or damaging any developing buds!

After Week 3, I only defoliate huge fan leaves that can’t be tucked away. Otherwise I just wait until harvest and reap the rewards!

Defoliation is a technique, but it is also an art ! The above instructions should get you started but cannabis plants are like big bonsai trees and you’ll eventually learn how to defoliate without hesitation. It’s fun to try to alter the growth patterns of cannabis plants and I encourage you to experiment with your own plants and develop your own particular defoliation style and rhythm!


Thanks! I topped her awhile ago. I’m keeping her in lat veg until she hits the middle of the second fan.