First grow: white widow from canuk seeds

I’m on the way end of the 3rd day and I have a little root sprout coming. Is there anything I can do to help my little one succeed?


Congrats on your first sprout in Grobo!! :partying_face:

Just carefully read the weekly notification and instruction!!

Outside of that, there are LOTS of extra things you can do/monitor if you want to spend money, but otherwise let the automated grow box do its thing!! :slight_smile: If you are interested in this, there’s an ‘Advanced Growing’ section in the blogs that you can read up on.


good luck on your grow!

one thing I learned early on is to turn the bottles 90 degrees so you can see the levels better then mark with a sharpie what level they are at. the plant is “Fed” after your weekly drain and fills. keep an eye on the levels …bottles 3 , 4 and 5. they should drop say 10ml . I had a kink in line 5 just inside the lid it was kinked against a black hose…had to adjust to fix. (1 and 2 depend on your water…my bottle 2 is still almost full and i’m 100 days into first grow)

other thing i would say is go to the grobo channel on youtube and watch some of the videos the ultimate grow guide one was super helpful starting out. the setup tutorials you won’t need now tho.





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High hudmity and leave it alone


I want to share a few updates because I have some questions being a newbie. So, after germ, my initial root was like twisted, so I tried to replant it in the right direction, and I had to peel the shell casing off the little leaflets. The root may have twisted and broke, but it was still slightly attached via a membrane, and I didn’t check on it over the weekend, but when I got home, I had more action from the leaves, but the root it sitting on the surface and growing ‘hairs’. I’m just trying to make sure I didn’t kill my first attempt. I know white widow is resilient but I don’t wanna push her too hard lol here’s some pics in chrono order

so the photos are day 4, day 5, and last 2 are day 7 of germ.

I tried to push the taproot down on day 5 when it was all crazy like that


Question, did you germinate inside the coco pod inside the grobo, or in a paper towel then move into the coco pod?

I germed in cocoa pod for that one

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She looks like she will recover, give her some time and keep posting and asking questions! I germ in a glass of water over night, until I see a solid piece of white so that I know to put that side face down into the pod.