Pineapple Chunk- 2nd Run & Mini Reflection

This is my 2nd run with the Grobo unit. The first attempt of AYAHUASCA Purple resulted in just above an oz dried. There were a few things that I learned the last run which I tried to adjust. I’ve gotten better with some things, but still made a mistake this round also I think.

  1. No Wifi = No Grobo
    I had to extend my veg and flowering for multiple additional weeks due to not maintaining a solid wifi connection. The unit will keep your plan alive, and it will grow SLOWLY if you dont have a connection. Most importantly I learned that the nutrients dont dispense when connection is lost. My first set of nutrients made it completely through the first grow and into day 90 of my current grow. I noticed the immediate change this round in despensing since I placed the box on the guest router. Change the water, dont just top it off and definitely try to stay away from tap water unless you know what your composition is.

  2. The Trim & Stretch are Real
    I waited for my first run to hit the top fan before flowering. I was extremely hesitant to lollipop and remove fab leaves. I did it, but not nearly as aggressive as some of the posts I’ve seen. You really dont get much light at the bottom of the unit once your plant is full. Without any lighting on the sides, It took a while but I was able to see the impact to wasting energy on bud sites and leaves that are blocked…super cropping was an uncomfortable but neccessary evil in this unit. I also utilized the magnets and hooks. If you see it’s dead, just remove it most of the time.

  3. Like Watching paint Dry
    Oh my, patience is key. Too many clips at bud sites or trying to expedite the drying process is a no go. It wasn’t worth the experience to try and bud that wasn’t dried and cured properly. Harsh smoke, and not to mention you will probably puke (or at least have heavy nausea). I dried the buds in a closet outside of the grobo to get started on next grow right away. I might try something different this time. The smoke was amazing once cured about 2 months later.

  4. OH Dear (Odor)
    You cant escape it, the carbon filter included just isnt going to mask much of the smell. You become accustomed to it, and barely notice as the weeks progress… it’s still there, dont worry the guests can smell it when they pass the room, or the unit likely. I’m thinking of adding a carbon filter for the room itself to help. Maybe I’m just being too optimistic. In a basement or large open space, the smell is able to dissipate more… But it’s not like a stealth box as advertised when I purchased.

This round I lolipopped the plant, but I also removed a good amount of fan leaves. I’m concerned I might have removed too many. This time, I removed a good amount of fan leaves in the first week of flowering… I think I should have focused more on the removal in veg state. I can see some bud sites that are less pronounced where the light was being blocked. I’m going to just let her sit and do her thing for now.

I’m shooting for closer to 2oz dried this time. Seems to be the top out of the grobo. I realize now, major grows are pretty much out of the question. Tent or outdoor grows during the spring will have to hold me through next winter. I still would like to obtain a second unit, would make it easier for side by side comparison of techniques.

Day 91, Flowering Day 10

What do you guys think, let her ride for now? I’m seriously impressed at the growth rate difference and results when the unit dispenses on wifi connection. :rofl:


Yeah another 30 days or so and shell be a fatty



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She filled out quite nicely, I’m extending the flowering schedule at least another week or two. Technically it was due to switch over today. I feel like I need to remove from growth from the bottom again. Not sure what my yield will be with this run, but I’m waiting for these buds to fatten up. I’m excited to be able to resume outdoor grows soon, but this run the grobo performance has been great thus far.


Looks great, but yeah you’re right, a good clean up at the bottom for sure, and I would take some fan leaves at this point. I would also lollipop the wee buds at the bottom, no light is getting down there. But you’re easily 2 weeks still of flowering, maybe 3, all the hairs being white and standing up straight.

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I went ahead and cleaned up some of the undergrowth, I didnt want to remove any more than that at once. I didnt realize how many bud sites were covered until I started cleaning up a bit… so sticky, and the ozium air freshener canister works wonders because my hands have residue and they are definitely potent.


So it took about a week to recover from the removal of the fan leaves. She stopped stacking almost complete during that time. In the last 2 days seeing rapid stacking of buds, some scrumptious orange fibers, and light yellowing of leaves. Definitely shocked her a bit I think, but still on track.

I’m thinking that 2ish more weeks of flowering with clusters of white hairs still exposed on some main colas. This round I’m prepped for patience with curing, I pulled the trigger way to early with previous grow. That was such a harsh smoke. I definitely think I’d like another Grobo at some point.


Looking good

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Day 136 and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still waiting for a little amber before I flip to the flush, but I dont think I’m extending this time. Just going to let it finish out and try the drying mode of machine this time. If I dont have the storage tubes and liquid for probes can I leave them submerged in water within tank during the dry? I’m thinking that I can germinate a seedling in a pod and get it to sprout within the 5 days before placing it into the grobo for next grow.

I was better this round with defoilage but I still have some confidence to build and be a bit more aggressive the next go. I’ve seen some other grows and people trim back a larger amount of fan leaves than what I was comfortable with this time. I added a light at the bottom to see if I could get lights to bottom bud sites in this last week. Should have done this sooner, they immediately responded and started growing. Wifi connection went to crap for some reason, but prior to this the Grobo has pretty much been hands off for me. I’m hoping for a larger yield this time. I also didn’t flush last time, so I’d like to see if there is a difference.


Nice, which lights did you use?


It’s a little flexible grow light , I used to used them in my closet to start my seedlings in the winter for outdoor transplant

Full Spectrum Grow Light for…


Do you think an extra arm would fit in the Grobo? This one is just 7 bucks more for 10 more watts


Yep, they maneuver pretty well. You could fit it, I missed this one when I was browsing.

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@Hellyesshedid, are you going to try this?

The way my grow is going right now, it might not be worth it, but if it has a turn around by the time it’s in Flower, I will.

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Today is Harvest Day!!! I can see the difference in coloration where lighting was lower. Overall really happy with the yield visually overall so far. Decided to dry in the unit this time. I’ll post the final weights after drying!


Did you take the water out before drying?
Roots, water and debris are to be removed before dry mode is activated. Its best to do a full sanitize and clean before drying.
Helps to keep down staining, mold and boosts proper drying of the harvest.


Yep! I dont think I took any final pics of it. I had to drain the water before the unit let me enter drying mode. Super fair question, I didnt dry in the unit last round. I cleaned out the roots and set up the probes for storage. I had a few more sets of magnets to spread out buds for drying but didnt pull them out.


So did you like the way Grobo dried over the way you usually dry?

My normal method is hanging to dry in a small, dark room with fan and low humidity. This is pretty controlled pace of drying feels more gradual.