Damping Off Victories

Hey everyone! During my 3rd and 4th grows both plants experienced damping off. One plant experienced severe damping and the stem became very hourglass shaped. I didn’t capture of picture of her at her worst, it just didn’t seem right!

Plants are Purple Haze auto and Jamaican Dream PF.

At one point the stem was so thin it looked like one of those nearly fallen trees that had been chomped on by a beaver.

Nevertheless, quick action and care saved both plants! Check out the before and after pics:

Here’s how I addressed the damping off:

  • Added fans to increase airflow. At times the fans were pointed directly at the cocopod to help dry it out.
  • Raised cocopod 2-3 inches and secured it with toothpicks
  • Kept plant in early vegetation (mid fill level) an extra week. Late veg fills to the High mark which could re-saturate the pod.
  • Poured a cap full amount of h202 hydrogen peroxide onto the wounded area of the stem
  • Poured 3 cap fulls of h202 onto the cocopod and area surrounding the stem.
  • Performed a drain/fill after about 2 hours.
  • Placed a makeshift splint onto the stem with a plastic straw. Also propped up the main stem with a green garden tie in the event the plant toppled over.

If your plant suffers from damping off don’t freak out! If you take appropriate action you might just be able to save your plant!

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Congratulations on the comeback!!! :eyes::seedling::rainbow:


Quite the comeback indeed :slight_smile: Looks like she’s getting closer and closer


Wow great recovery @miami5th! Thanks for the info!


Awesome comeback!


Congrats on the come back… glad you could save her



  • (#AmazingSaves): {:heart_eyes:}:

- - - [2021-06.16]:


  • (#EarlyShowing): (I’m Still Experimenting [MySelf] With The Start System):

  • (Started Same Day):


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How much weed do you get if done right


We usually get around 2 oz give or take per grow. The quality of the herb is top notch though!


I told me 3 too 4 lbs when I read into it…

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What I’ve got going started from a 4 bar light and now I’ve got 4bar 8bar and getting another 8bar to put with my other one. I’ve got a panda :panda_face: room that can hold 12 photos or 24 Autos easy.
I got 2 tents ones a double I’ve paid 3,000 on all of it and I’ve already got my money back in 1 grow


I still think they’re cool just not worth 2,000 bucks

Update: She’s almost ready for harvest! What a turnaround from nearly dying from damping off to surviving into this beauty!

This is the Purple Haze auto full recovery


Came back strong


Wish the damping down issues I was having were salvageable.


Most definitely. :eyes::heart_eyes:


:wave: dude
WoW :hushed: awesome save :clap:
Wish I’d given mine more of a chance now :flushed:!
Hopefully I Won’t get another chance to try it though :wink::rofl:


Very beautiful. Good grow. It seems like they would have you removing leaves for more bud? IDK

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She looks amazing!!!

You did an awesome job bringing her back!

Question! :joy: I’m still very new!

My Zkittlez Auto from ILGM seems to stretch for light! How do I stop this for my next grow!? Also, I’ve been watching videos with the green ties and couldn’t get it right! My plant isn’t evenly spread like this! How do I get an even canopy.


Great job @miami5th - I got a small yield after recovering from dampening on my last grow. This looks like your going to get close to a normal amount.