New to growing, going pretty good short of some brown tinge on the leaves

Hey everyone!

I’m 15 days into my first grow, and things appear to be great! I’m a bit surprised how fast things are going, and I have to admit that checking the progress every morning is definitely apart of my routine.

I’m growing a Molokai Frost, and it’s been going well, until this morning when I noticed some of the leaves have a slight brown tinge - is this normal? Anything I should be doing to combat that?

Excited to keep the grow going!


@befgrower7 Welcome!!

Congratulations On Your Grow So Far!!
I Recommend Goin Through And Checkin Some Threads, Reading Through…
You’ll Get A Lot Of Great Info And Will Run Into Lots Of The Same Issues And Will Know What To Do…
Go Ahead And Ask Away If You Have Any Questions… And Pics Can Help “Diagnose” Any Problems You May Encounter.
As For Your Leaves…
That Seems To Be Normal On The First Sets Of Leaves In The Beginning Stages…
Have Fun! Enjoy The Show!!


Thanks @KleanRipz!

MY bad, I definitely should’ve searched harder, but I’m excited to see what the community has to offer overall. Thanks for helping on it being normal, I’d upload pics but I’m still too new to add photos it would seem.



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@SilverGrobo Thank you so much for providing all of this - learning so much already haha!

My grow journal is 947652771, and I’ve added it as a link in my profile, as it looks like I’m not able to share links yet.


@SilverGrobo hank you! super helpful - still new to all of this but I’m a fast learner :slight_smile:


Hey @befgrower7 welcome! Good luck on your grow! Your strain sounds so intriguing :slight_smile:. Take some pics of your plant and we can help figure out what the issue may be. This community is amazing and everyone’s so helpful! Some little browning is ok, just make sure it’s not occurring on new leaf growth. It may not be needed but you should check your sensors and see if you need to clean/calibrate them


@Aang For sure! it’s in the pics above actually!