Damping Off Victories

It takes trial and error period…lol. but look up Kushman on youtube or go to my channel and look for my educational section you’ll find many great vids in there… I’m Flintstoned and my Channel is.
Today In The Growroom on youtube please sub like n share… Thanks… I talked about this forum in my last video… This is my favorite forum and I don’t have a Growbo lmmfao


I’m a new groboer. Thank you for the valuable info.


Yeah I was probably the one in a million it happened to. The wonderful thing is I did get great support from grobo and other than the technical stuff I don’t know, it’s a very simple machine and easy to get to things. It was a learning experience. I’m still way happy I don’t have to mess with it to much while it’s growing :+1:t2::sunglasses: