Tried super cropping and now my plant is dead…HELP

Hello All,

I am now to growing and this is my second grow. The first one grow prefect. This new plant however started off great but it started getting to tall for the grobo so I did some research on the community and found “super cropping”. Did my research and finally did it yesterday. However, I check on my plant this morning and to my surprise the whole plant went limp! Idk what happened! I need help or is it just dead at this point???

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I don’t see that happening from some Supercropping unless you snapped the branches really bad. It looks like your air pump stopped working if I were to guess from the pictures. Also check the #1 and #2 nutrient bottle to make sure those are dispensing correctly. I am thinking if it’s not the air pump, your PH may be off.


I don’t feel like I snapped them anymore then how it looked on videos I’ve watched. Maybe I was past the point I could super crop? I’m not sure if that’s a thing. The bottles still have a pretty good amount in them and I tried the super cropping while I changed out the water yesterday.

I have done supercropping late into flower before and didn’t have an issue. Take it as a learning experience, we have all lost grows before. The lessons can hurt but the more they hurt, the less likely you are to do them again.


Is the air stone on inside the reservoir. Thats the 1st place id look.



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