First grow, I think my plant is not healthy


This is my 1st grow. Pictures were taken today. It also seems way too short.

Planted on 5/10/21

I am wondering if my plant is healthy. Some leaves are dry, cut 2 dead ones off today. They were brown/red and dry. The cocoa pod also has some red on it. The cocoa pod is moist. No modifications to the Grobo Room temp is 69, Humidity is around 50%. Inside the grobo the water temp is around 73F, air temp 73F humidity is at 43% Bubbler is making bubbles RO is the type of water, changed weekly Schedule has not been adjusted First grow, was told PH probe did not need to be calibrated because it was new.


Push the pod up till you can’t see the pod out the bottom and add cupple fans .

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I didn’t change the pods. just changed the covers the grobo start is different than the grobo cover @Gamora

Thanks. Do you think I should delay the start of flowering. Im on day 13 of 14 in late vegetation

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Yes. Extend late veg. Make sure you get the pod dry fast a possible so your plant 🪴don’t get root rot and die also buy hydroguard for your water or you will have to keep water temp down .

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I don’t grow hydro! But my opinion that pod looks off… looks like some type of bacteria I’m thinking she does look stress… I’ll put a ticket in if not fixed or did already! Good luck :+1:



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