Spots on leaves

@Stephen My Bubblegum seems to be growing however there are spots on the leaves .


Its seem’s to be only on the lower leaves… this is pretty normal… it happened with both my first 2 grows


She looks very good to me. :slight_smile:


Might be nutrient burn happens all the time looks healthy


I don’t believe those spots to be nutrient burn. Check on the underside of the leaf for bugs. Also, can you take a pick when the light different so we can see the color of the spots? I could be wrong but I think you have a micronutrient issue. Maybe calcium or magnesium deficiency.



  • (#TeamHasGotYouCovered): {:green_thumb:}:

  • (We Can First Start With Seeing If Your Pod Is Dry Yet):? :question:

  • (It’s Good To Keep Track Of Your Nutrient Usages, To See If They Are Dispersing Properly After Every [Drain/Fill]):

  • 1.) A picture of your plant’s roots. Simply lift the lid a couple inches, snap a picture of the bottom of your coco pod. {This Checks To See If They Look [Good/ White/Clean/Healthy]
    -And- Not [Slimy/Stinky] }:

Slime..~~ {Slimy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:}:

  • 2.) A picture of your plant’s stem. Simply lift the bottom canopy to reveal where the stem meets the coco pod, snap a picture. {We Are Checking To See If It Is Healthy -And- Not [DampingOff]}:

  • 3.) What type of water are you using? RO, distilled, tap, other? {Tap Water Not Best To Grow With}:

  • 4.) Have you made any modifications to the unit or environment? (i.e. Add a chiller to your tank, humidifier to the room)

  • 5.) Have you added any supplements to the reservoir? (i.e. Hydroguard to fight root rot)

  • 6.) Have you adjusted your schedule at all? (i.e. Shifted a stage, added more time to a stage)

  • 7.) Have you cleaned and calibrated your pH probe between grows? If this is a new unit, it will arrive calibrated. If not, a calibration in between grows is necessary to maintain your probe’s accuracy.

  • 8.) (We Will Need To Know Your Grow Envirement Temps [Water/Air/Humidity]):

  • 9.) (What Stage Is Your Grow On [Germination/EarlyVeg./LateVeg./Transition/Flower/Flush]):

  • Please let us know, and we can then combine your answers with your data to get a clear picture of what’s happening.



  • (If The Above List Did Not Help, -Then- You Can Put In A Ticket [:tickets:] Where Support Can Assist You): (Your Roots Are A Little Discolored, Are You Using Extra Nutrients In Your Grow):? (Is Your Roots [Slimy/Stinky]):? (Your Nutrients Dispersing Properly):? (Make Sure Your Pod Is Dried Out At This Stage, Where Your Roots Are In The Water -Or- [Damping-Off] Can Happen):

  • (PutInATicket): [:ticket: :tickets:]: {ClickHere}:

  • (You Can Put In A Ticket [:tickets:] To See If Support Can Offer Some Insite On This Common Phenomenon):

- - - [2021-08.13]:


  • (Now That You Have A Nice Root, You Are Ready To Lift Your Pod Gently): (Squeeze Some Water Out, -Then- Proceed To Lift It Up To The Bottom Of The Cone Of The Lid): (This Will Prevent Her From Getting Damping Off Soon):


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Now the spots got worse

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Update*. Turn out the room where I had te Grobo was to hot . I moved it to the basement and she is looking great now


Will absolutely do!

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I had my Grobo in the bathroom my first attempt earlier in February, and my plant died after a month. Turned out that the bathroom temp was simply too hot for the unit. Now, it’s in my air conditioned kitchen/dining room, and this new grow is the happiest I’ve seen ever.

Room temperature and air conditioning makes the absolute difference.

Happy improved gardening! :broccoli:

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