Northern Lights (Flower Day 6) - 2nd Grow

Hey everyone I wanted any thoughts and tips on my 2nd grow. On this grow I used big bud to see if I would get a bigger yield than the 1st. I’ve been trying to keep her trimmed so the light and air flow could be better also cuz on my 1st grow I didnt want to kill my plant. I would appreciate any advice thanks



  • (It’s Not Easy Keeping All The Bud-Sites In The Light :bulb: -But- Your Plant Looks Super Happy
    -And- Healthy): (Your Leaves :leaves: Are Praying :pray: To The :sun_with_face: [God]):

- - -


  • (Make Sure Also Your Bubbler Keep Working As Well): (Strains :dna: Of Plants Also Play Along With Height & Dense Of The Buds):

  • (#EarlyShowing): (Yours looks Nicer Than Our [GreenCrackGrow]): (2021-05.04):

- - -


  • (So You Don’t Feel Slime -Or- Smell Stinky):

  • (Make Sure Your Temps Are [WithIn] Range -And- You Should Be Fine):


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Northern Lights (Flower Day 46)

Hey everyone had a few questions on my grow and wanted to know if anyone could help. For starters I wanted to know if anything is wrong with my grow. I’ve had to extend the flower schedule because I feel like she can stretch more. There’s still a good amount of room to grow, but don’t want to ruin my plant. I also was adding big bud in the beginning of flower at 1/4 of the required dose and am wondering if that contributed to the stunted growth. Is there anything I should do or can do to make sure everything is running smoothly would be much appreciated thank you all.


I think your plant is looking great :+1:t3: I understand that you thought it would stretch more, that’s happened to me. Have you checked the flowers out with your microscope :microscope: yet?


It looks very strong - how do the roots look?


My bad for the late reply I’ve been very busy. But the roots don’t look bad to me. I took a couple pics after my drain and fill today.