Bottom leaves curled at the ends?!?

Sounds like all systems go. Perhaps just genetics. You’re in good shape.


That’s what I was thinking/hoping but then again I don’t know what the hell im doing lol


You’ve got it under control :muscle:


She looks good! she’s still getting stronger, give her time :grinning:


Mine looked exactly like this in the beginning. Have had that on a previous grow as well, seems normal and didn’t affect anything for me



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All of my numbers are good nutrients are being used and h20 is bubbling I have new growth and it’s getting bigger but those bottom leaves that had the curl now have spots on them. Good bad thoughts!?’

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What type of water are you using (tap, RO, distilled) and do you have any idea what the water temperature is? Those are the first things I’d check. If it’s tap water you might want to let it gas off longer or filter it, if it’s distilled/RO then it’s probably temperature-related.

Distilled water and h20 temps 68ish

Temp has never gone above 70

If it’s not that, it might be the nutrient concentration/composition is incorrect or too high/low; somebody else might recognize those markings and be able to tell exactly which is being OD’d on or is too low.

To rectify that you can just drain/fill again to clean up the water and re-dose nutrients; on new units during the first runs of the pumps sometimes it pulls air instead of fluid and doesn’t actually get enough of the nutrients into the water. Given temps are fine this would be my next guess as to what the problem might be.

The very last thing to check on is perhaps it’s just reading the wrong pH value, is the probe clean+calibrated? Do you have a calibration kit or have you already used one prior to the grow? If it’s the first grow in a new unit this is unlikely to be the issue (but not to be ruled out entirely).


Raising RH can help through struggles like that as well. What’s that reading looking like?

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New grobo first grow h20 temp 68.7 rh 40% (is that to low) the spots are increasing on bottom leaves but uppers are still growing and looking good. I will try to do a drain fill later today to see if that helps

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Those numbers look good. 40% RH is fine, higher is better but I’ve grown around 20% RH so that’s probably not the issue here.

Is your cocopod super-wet?

I would not call it super wet it’s moist which I am assuming is normal how you want it roots look good (they are all white not brown like the picture is making it look)

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The bottom leaves also feel kind of crispy which has me worried

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My current best-guess would be that it’s nitrogen lockout, probably from incorrect pH but perhaps from not having the right ratio of nutrients dispensed (the air in lines possiblity).

If after doing a drain/fill it doesn’t start to look better after a few days (on the new growth, the old stuff won’t heal much/at all) then it might take a probe calibration to rule pH out.


I notice the probe is not sitting in the socket, it’s raised quite a bit. Are both of your probes high up like that?

They should sit flush with the black cap part touching that white fixture that holds them.

I doubt this is an issue just FYI. The pH probe does look to be seated correctly in the corner of your pic.

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It looks like this both spots are small holes the other probe does not have this cap on it that’s why it’s up higher

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Should I have taken that piece off?!?

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