SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

On one of the other screens I cut every other horizontal bar with a Dremel in hopes of forming 2” x 2” squares however I was not satisfied with the sharp pieces left behind even after vigorous sanding. Decided the hell with it and went forward with the unmodified 1” x 2” screen.


Asowme gonna try that for me next grow that genius :pray::fire:

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Simple bending and tying down main stem here

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Hey how’s your liquid cooled CPU fan working out?

Pulled it from the operation :joy:. Tried using it like a Peltier Cooler, was not effective. Running a small wire fan up top and two slim fans facing upward from below. Hoping lots of wind = lots of bud.

Day 43 (Day 19/28 Late Vegetation) Extended late veg. another week.

Defoliation step 2:

Early this morning I conducted another scheduled water change and immediately followed with some pretty significant defoliation. I removed two very large fan leaves, thinned out the canopy slightly and cut two more “main branches” giving her the 6 cola design that I desired. I am cloning the two cuttings for sport, nothing to do with them once they root, I simply just want the experience. I was shocked at how much force it took to snip the branches and fan leaves, the Rhino Skin is doing it’s job. I plan on extending late veg. another week giving her 7 full weeks total in vegetative stage, I will not take her height into account unless I feel she will over-grow. I will continue with only some minor pruning/manicuring to ensure proper air flow until the end of veg. She will then receive her first lollipopping treatment just before switching to transition.

ScrOG Training:

Over the past week she has grown through the ScrOG Screen and even required some tucking from grid to grid. All light is focused on new growth and the top of the canopy is level. Very much enjoying training with this method!

Water absorption:

I have begun topping off the reservoir twice a week in between drain/fills, she is currently drinking about a gallon per week. Not sure if evaporation could be a factor, any input on this would be appreciated.

Water Change Stats:

Water out:
pH: 6.0
EC: 2.3
PPM700: 1600
Gallons: 1.6

Water in:
Solution: 3 Gallons Distilled Water, 11mL Rhino Skin, 6mL Hydroguard, 7.5mL Revive, 3.75mL Recharge, allowed to sit for two hours, then added 8 drops pH Down.
pH: 6.0
EC: 0.1
PPM700: 30
Gallons: 2.3

As always any advice, comments, or questions that anyone might have are more than welcome!

Edit: Forgot to add nutrient usage tracking last night. See below:

Grow well,


It’s looking healthy to me



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I want to try GDP next grow :smiley:


Looking really healthy man! I love this plant. After seeing all your trimmings and clone project it make me want to try! But in my opinion all those trimmings and leaves sitting out by your unit I would do my best to put into a container or move away fro your unit to prevent attracting bugs to your Grobo and potentially harming your GDP.

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Hey @Letsgrowmore, they go directly in the trash after photo shoot :+1:

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Thanks @SilverGrobo :blush:

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Massive trim yesterday didn’t slow growth at all, she’s put on about a half inch since last night with plenty of daylight left. Even though she is complete Indica, she seems to grow rather quickly in my environment. I’m seeing many people having overgrowth issues and contemplating flipping to transition sooner than later. Yield is in no way my first priority and I do NOT want to deal with a plant that is too tall for optimal flowering in the box. Thoughts on this @vegetato @Bplatinum9 @chris_barfield @Russel_Richardson @Todd.grobo @Osage appreciate you guys.


With a straight indica you won’t have that problem!
Sativas are the ones to watch for overgrowth and sometimes with hybrids and dominant sativa blends.


@Bplatinum9 that’s not necessarily true … that’s a generalization of landrace indica vs landrace sativas … Indicas can grow extremely tall and fast … for example my rude boi og and legend og exploded in growth faster than the sativas and bigger I had running… true og genetics always stretch and have vigor …

I’d judge more by what phenos are popping up out of the packs to get a better idea of what you can expect …

also growth patterns are hard to judge only because environmental factors play such a huge role in how the plant grows… you and I can have the exact same clone but results compelety different …


Yep definitely have witnessed that but I am speaking general terms.
No not impossible for indicas to grow taller but Its a general consensus that indicas grow shorter.
Any website will list indica as the shorter plant, but if you are an avid grower like @chris_barfield you will always find the occasional exception for sure.

Sativa vs. Indica – What are the Differences?

The real difference between today’s indica and sativa plants is in their observable traits during the cultivation cycle. Indica plants tend to grow short with thick stems and broad, deep-green leaves. They also have short flowering cycles, and grow sufficiently in cold, short-season climates. Sativa plants have longer flowering cycles, fare better in warm climates with long seasons, and usually grow taller with light-green, narrow leaves.


One of the unfortunate downsides to Grobo growing as I obviously can’t adjust light height (or grow space height for that matter) to account for extra plant height. Will use my best judgment based on how she progresses over the next week. Being that I have no clue how tall she will stretch as this is my first grow, I’m going to err on the side of safety and switch a little earlier than I was originally planning. (Not to mention I’ve got some wild genetics to get to next :sunglasses:).


B, gauging this is just another nuance/added art form of Grobo growing. It’s a gamble really haha, got to determine the reward you seek and then take the necessary risks for getting there. My end goal for this grow is simply perfect high quality buds with minimal possibilities for negative issues. The risk is lower yield by switching before the top of the second fan but the peace of mind is worth it to me. Thank you again! :blush:


Undergrowth is growing quickly, hoping to have a real ScrOG going in the Grobo and be able to transition within 1-2 weeks.

2 days ago:



EXCELLENT work! Wow! Love when someone gets their project, whatever it is, totally dialed in. :grinning: