Introduce yourself

@fuz and mine too… 32 days in…

32 days side view…

33 days in…

34 days in…

34 days side view…


Question for @Stephen

Is the difference between grobo grow or hydroponics vs dirt.

Why are the stems on outdoor plants much longer/taller and less bushier. Is this strictly because of available light outside?

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Hey @SilverGrobo

You might want to send a ticket in to to have someone check your settings if you haven’t already. Your plant colour in picture day 34 looks off.


@Azuri --Day 34 top view is better than the side view… I know, I tell @fuz about the different colors each photo has its own shade… :wink: :thinking: :smile:


@fuz and mine too… Day 34 evening shots… Shot one top view…

Shot two side view…

Shot three close-up to be clipped…

Shot four clipping with @fuz

Shot five close-up clipped…

Shot six clipping in a stand…

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Looking super healthy there @SilverGrobo! Love the throne for your tip too!!


@Todd.grobo These are a few see through the glass pics… Pic.-one… :eyes::eye:




@Azuri :eye::eyes: ((Green Crack Strain))… :smiley:


Hi, I am Alex.

Just got my first grobo unit yesterday. I got it all hooked up and started a grow. I expected to have a read out in the app for humidity and temp. I also wish the recipes had a timeline detailng each stage in the process. In any case I am excited to produce my first grow. I have be reading and researching for a couple of years now. I bought White Rhino ( and come to find out there is no recipe for it AHHH lol. It is a predominately Indica, White widow x maple leaf indica from nirvana seeds. Hoping someone can suggest a suitable recipe.


Hey @Yeah_Im_Cheating/Alex,

Welcome aboard and thanks for your honest feedback. We hear you and are in the process of exposing more data to our growers. I’m constantly updating our recipe list with a big one coming in September, so if you have recommendations, please put them here. Select the Cannabis - Indica - Generic recipe to start, I’ll switch you over to the White Rhino in September. (You will have to remind me once the list is out to update your unit. :wink: )



@Stephen Just wondering if you have a Pineapple Chunk recipe in the works.

That’s what my current grow is, didn’t see a recipe so I have it under the generic auto-fem recipe.

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Hi @SterlingNico,

I’m working on recipes this week and next, so great timing. I’ll add Barney’s Pineapple Chunk to my list. That being said, it’s not an auto and you seem to have selected an auto schedule? Won’t have any success with that, as your plant will stay in vegetative growth. How far into the grow are you? I can flip you over to a more appropriate recipe and shift the days to get you back on track. Please email me through and I’ll assist.


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Oh good call! I’ll ticket you up now! I’m only a good 5 days in.



Got you all straightened out. I’ve placed you on the Indica - Super Skunk recipe, as one of the Pineapple Chunk parents is skunk. You should expect to harvest around Dec. 3rd.



Just in time for a Christmas! Lol! Thanks sir!


Hi. I’m Bob. Bought my Grobo in '16 and rec’d my unit in May '18. Unfortunately unable to start growing until 14 days ago and am happy. There have been some minor glitzes but great support from Grobo staff. My seedling came up on Day 5 and today is Day 14. See photo.

Day 14.jpg

I have read that the fill should be only to the Low level mark. My refill was to the High level again. Any comments? Thanks.


Hi @greenman,

Welcome aboard & thanks for being an early supporter! Your seedling is an absolute monster for 14 days in, and looking healthy. If you shoot me an email through, I can take a peek at your unit and diagnose any issues. We fill to a lower level in days 10-24 to fight ‘damping off’ and to challenge your roots to grow. If you think your coco pod is too wet, raise it a couple inches. Once your plant is established and the root system filled out, you can push the coco pod back into place. We want the top of the coco pod to dry out for this stage to help fight ‘damping off’, while your roots continue to grow downwards.

Thanks for the photos!!



If that’s day 14 daaaaamn you must have some good genetics I’m on day seven of wedding cake and it just cracked the coco pod but she’ll still on …

What is the strain you are growing? @greenman


@fuz and mine too… Shot one Day 37… ((Green Crack))…

Shot two Day 37 side view…

Shot three Day 39…

Shot four Day 39 side view…

Shot five Day 40…

Shot six Day 40 side view…

Shot seven Day 41…

Shot eight Day 41 side view…

Shot nine Day 42…

Shot ten Day 42 side view…



chris_barfield, Am growing a feminized Auto Amnesia. The seed was bought from the Vancouver Seed Bank. Am growing on the Strawberry Amnesia cycle from Grobo.