Time to top and I need help

Hello, I’m on day 38 of late veg with a Mazar Kush, feminized, non auto. She’s hit the first fan and she’s at 5 nodes. I want to top her but I have a question. I have attached a pic with yellow lines pointing at new growth. My question is do I keep this little growth in tacked while topping?

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Not real sure what your asking but I would cut or pinch on this line to top.

My question is to rather on not cutoff the tiny leaves on either side of your red mark.

My question is rather or not to cut the 2 tiny leaves sprouting on either side of the red line you drew.

Just the one in the middle of the two on the side.

I’m taking about the tiny leaves n the side.,

No leave those, they replace the one your cutting with two heads.

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What she said


Does this look good? I just topped her. As you may be able to see I left the very tiny leaves that were next to what I topped. Do I remove those?


Nope you don’t have to remove anything else.
Great job! :eyes::seedling:

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Thanks for all the info!



(CongratulationsGreatJob): :green_thumb:

((#Topping)): :top:




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