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Hey @chris_barfield I second what @Azuri said, if you have iOS you can follow me on the Bud app too to see my grow. But here is a picture of my original day 21 (broken Grobo) and my new day 25 (which is technically day 35).


Recovering well @rainstorm3


@Azuri and @rainstorm3, you may notice a new follower. :wink:


Everyone is welcome! You don’t even need to be growing to follow anyone. Some interesting strains and methods going on from all types of growers. As I said before a little clunky to use but it works. :+1:

It’s a nice community marketing tool. Check out the comments on day 23 of below:


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@Fuz and mine too… 28 Days in…


@Fuz and mine too… 30 days in…Green Crack Strain…


Hey @SilverGrobo,

Leaves look like a Sativa? What strain are you growing?


@fuz and mine too… 32 days in…

32 days side view…

33 days in…

34 days in…

34 days side view…


Question for @Stephen

Is the difference between grobo grow or hydroponics vs dirt.

Why are the stems on outdoor plants much longer/taller and less bushier. Is this strictly because of available light outside?

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Hey @SilverGrobo

You might want to send a ticket in to to have someone check your settings if you haven’t already. Your plant colour in picture day 34 looks off.


@Azuri --Day 34 top view is better than the side view… I know, I tell @fuz about the different colors each photo has its own shade… :wink: :thinking: :smile:


@fuz and mine too… Day 34 evening shots… Shot one top view…

Shot two side view…

Shot three close-up to be clipped…

Shot four clipping with @fuz

Shot five close-up clipped…

Shot six clipping in a stand…

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Looking super healthy there @SilverGrobo! Love the throne for your tip too!!


@Todd.grobo These are a few see through the glass pics… Pic.-one… :eyes::eye:




@Azuri :eye::eyes: ((Green Crack Strain))… :smiley:


Hi, I am Alex.

Just got my first grobo unit yesterday. I got it all hooked up and started a grow. I expected to have a read out in the app for humidity and temp. I also wish the recipes had a timeline detailng each stage in the process. In any case I am excited to produce my first grow. I have be reading and researching for a couple of years now. I bought White Rhino ( and come to find out there is no recipe for it AHHH lol. It is a predominately Indica, White widow x maple leaf indica from nirvana seeds. Hoping someone can suggest a suitable recipe.


Hey @Yeah_Im_Cheating/Alex,

Welcome aboard and thanks for your honest feedback. We hear you and are in the process of exposing more data to our growers. I’m constantly updating our recipe list with a big one coming in September, so if you have recommendations, please put them here. Select the Cannabis - Indica - Generic recipe to start, I’ll switch you over to the White Rhino in September. (You will have to remind me once the list is out to update your unit. :wink: )



@Stephen Just wondering if you have a Pineapple Chunk recipe in the works.

That’s what my current grow is, didn’t see a recipe so I have it under the generic auto-fem recipe.

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