The New Grobo Start

Nice, those are some white roots! :joy:


@Bplatinum9 and anyone else -

  1. Since the only light options are 13hr/11off or 8hr/16off and you cannot utilize a timer to power on the unit since you have to physically press the power button, how does one achieve the optimal light cycle of 20hr/4off that the seedling needs during germination and early veg?

  2. At what stage in the grow will this plant be triggered to flower since it’s receiving 13hrs of light? 2 weeks? 2 nodes? 3-4 nodes? The unit claims to be able to grow a plant from 2-6 weeks.

  3. Is any water added to the peat pod before placing in the seed?


The start definitely has enough light to germinate, everyone who started theirs up has germinated!
I planted in early veg but like I have said before my cilantro seed was planted the same day and its still growing fine in the start!
Next time I use it I will keep it in longer!
The start is not made for flowering just germination and veg cycles, so 2 - 6 weeks is right!
14 days - germinate = 2 weeks
14 days - early veg = 2 weeks
Then the first two weeks of late veg
Now you may be thinking about an auto and that’s a different story!
Because autos skip part of veg stage and goes right into flower its best to take an auto plant out after germination for transplant.
The peat holds water so I didn’t add any to it, the wick keeps it nice and wet!


Great :+1:t2: details


The covers are back in stock! Just ordered mine :green_heart:


Thanks for the response @Bplatinum9!

This morning I planted 3 seeds - Jamaican Pearl, California Dream, and Lemon Larry OG. All photoperiods.

I plan on transplanting the Jamaican Pearl and Cali Dream into my Grobos in a few weeks and I will grow out the Lemon Larry in the Start since it’s a random bag seed. Let’s see how long a plant can survive in the Start! At some point that 13hr light cycle will trigger the plant to flower and I’m curious when that will happen. This will be an experiment!


@miami5th nice experiment! Looking forward to following. I dropped three seeds in the start this morning


Great idea for an experiment!


hey @Bplatinum9 how do you refill the water in the Grobo Start while your peat pods are in there? Do you transfer the peat pods out first?


Great question! The top comes off, just lift it up.


Just realized my Start has been on for nearly 17 hours now …

Turned it on around 4:15 AM this morning and it’s been on all day :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol okay it just turned off.

That’s funny. Went hard there for bit… I guess?


Thanks :slight_smile:


She continues to grow faster than any plant I started in the Grobo. Especially the roots, no hydroguard just nice long white roots. Some of the older leaves have a slight wrinkle to them but usually at this time in the Grobo those same leaves would be browning or dead. I’m transferring in four days, kinda nervous to be honest.


Looks great! That’s a nice root ball already!

The clone I have going exploded in root growth in the past couple of days and is now actually getting some leaf growth going on. Took a little over a week after I broke the main root off while transplanting… now she has like 8 main roots it seems like!


Looks good and you should have no problem transplanting in a couple days.
She is much bigger than mine when I transplanted on the ninth day!
I’m going to wait longer next time and bypass early veg stage I think!
Great job! Remember to keep those roots out of the light! :eyes::seedling:



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It’s strange, the first two sets of leaves grew a little wrinkled. I wasn’t upset since those same leaves would be dead in the grobo so I will take wrinkled. I was careful to only add the 650ml of water for each fill and I actually removed the wick a couple days ago to ensure I don’t dampen off. Then surprise surprise the wrinkling started to go away.


I said it once before and it’s worth repeating.

Once your seedling has a tap root that has hit the water in the Start, you should remove the wicks. Otherwise the wicks will continue to pull up water into the peat pod and it will not dry out.


So far so good.