What am I doing wrong

So I’ve had some trouble. I have 2 seeds that have germinated. One has 2 leaves and one root that has grown up towards the light. Leaves have some browning. The other just has several roots growing up.

But both pods have some green on them. Too much moisture? Any suggestions? Do i need to start over? Any help/suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have a seedling (ILGM purple lush auto) with similar browning at the tips of the leaves . I’d be interested in the diagnosis here. I’ll upload a pic when I get home.

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NM. didn’t see the pics.

Did you plant 2 seeds in 1 pod?

If so 1 seed per pod my opinion! Best of luck grower!

Nope. Only 1 seed per pod.


From my end looks like the pod is super wet


Thanks. I think I’ll try cleaning it out and starting over. Hasn’t grown in past week so I’ll try again. Thank you.


A couple suggestions here…

  1. After getting the pod wet, poke a few holes from where the seed goes all the way through the bottom with a toothpick.
  2. Soak your next seeds in water for 24-48 hrs until they crack and a small root tail appears. Then place in the pod with the small root facing down.
  3. After soaking your pod, squeeze it to get out excess moisture.
    EDIT: 4) No need to cover the hole once the seed is in if you use the dome that comes with the Start.

It seems that your pods are saturated with water so the roots didn’t know which direction to go or couldn’t get through the pod (hence the toothpick holes). Also, placing a popped seed with a taproot facing down helps with it finding it’s way towards water as it’s already heading in the right direction.


Thank you. Going to restart and see if I can get them going. Appreciate the advice.



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