SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

Nice color, short node spacing, fairly symmetrical – good job so far!

For #1 I shook up a #5 bottle a few times but it was a really old bottle and I could see separation in the liquid.

For #2 I think it’s just right - that big one in the middle is going to grow to cover some bud sites soon but it’s probably best left until that happens then snip it.

I’ve never used a scrog yet so can’t comment on that. Must say again though it’s looking good.


Thanks @vegetato! :facepunch: What exactly determines the spacing distance between nodes? Lighting, genetics, grow environment? Also, what causes a plant to grow in a symmetrical pattern? What factors cause it to stray from perfection?


From what I’ve seen stressed plants twist and curl and come out crooked sometimes, so it’s generally just a sign of good health/comfort.

Node spacing is lighting yes. You can also force tighter node spacing by pulling open the new growth – bend what is vertical to be horizontal on the newest nodes, so that light starts hitting those new little leaves sooner; basically help it open up the next set of leaves. I wouldn’t suggest trying that with your first grow, though. If anything do it on one side/half of your next one and watch how lopsided she grows. :slight_smile:


Makes sense! Probably won’t utilize that unless I see node spacing that is too far apart on future grows. :joy:

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Feel I should add that she was perfectly symmetrical before I started tucking the large fan leaves :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Quick shout-out to @SilverGrobo for this awesome idea:

Using a two bucket system and separating the drain/fill tubes by pulling them from the magnet fitting not only keeps your magnet from getting wet and rusting but also allows for a very speedy drain/fill. Simply wipe the tubes dry and push them back into the magnet fitting when complete. (I marked my drain tube with white electrical tape in order to easily identify which is which).


What do you use in your water?


@BigPapa1 - He mentions his stats every week during a drain/fill.


Curious - how are you measuring the recharge in mL? should that read mg?


3/4 Teaspoon = 3.75 mL (should have mentioned I’m measuring by measuring spoons).


Do you have the link for the net?

I think @SWSVIC has this

I’m still undecided on what kind of scrog net I should get


Yup haha


On one of the other screens I cut every other horizontal bar with a Dremel in hopes of forming 2” x 2” squares however I was not satisfied with the sharp pieces left behind even after vigorous sanding. Decided the hell with it and went forward with the unmodified 1” x 2” screen.


Asowme gonna try that for me next grow that genius :pray::fire:

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Simple bending and tying down main stem here

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Hey how’s your liquid cooled CPU fan working out?

Pulled it from the operation :joy:. Tried using it like a Peltier Cooler, was not effective. Running a small wire fan up top and two slim fans facing upward from below. Hoping lots of wind = lots of bud.

Day 43 (Day 19/28 Late Vegetation) Extended late veg. another week.

Defoliation step 2:

Early this morning I conducted another scheduled water change and immediately followed with some pretty significant defoliation. I removed two very large fan leaves, thinned out the canopy slightly and cut two more “main branches” giving her the 6 cola design that I desired. I am cloning the two cuttings for sport, nothing to do with them once they root, I simply just want the experience. I was shocked at how much force it took to snip the branches and fan leaves, the Rhino Skin is doing it’s job. I plan on extending late veg. another week giving her 7 full weeks total in vegetative stage, I will not take her height into account unless I feel she will over-grow. I will continue with only some minor pruning/manicuring to ensure proper air flow until the end of veg. She will then receive her first lollipopping treatment just before switching to transition.

ScrOG Training:

Over the past week she has grown through the ScrOG Screen and even required some tucking from grid to grid. All light is focused on new growth and the top of the canopy is level. Very much enjoying training with this method!

Water absorption:

I have begun topping off the reservoir twice a week in between drain/fills, she is currently drinking about a gallon per week. Not sure if evaporation could be a factor, any input on this would be appreciated.

Water Change Stats:

Water out:
pH: 6.0
EC: 2.3
PPM700: 1600
Gallons: 1.6

Water in:
Solution: 3 Gallons Distilled Water, 11mL Rhino Skin, 6mL Hydroguard, 7.5mL Revive, 3.75mL Recharge, allowed to sit for two hours, then added 8 drops pH Down.
pH: 6.0
EC: 0.1
PPM700: 30
Gallons: 2.3

As always any advice, comments, or questions that anyone might have are more than welcome!

Edit: Forgot to add nutrient usage tracking last night. See below:

Grow well,


It’s looking healthy to me