Second Grow- Bruce Banner

Second Grow- Bruce Banner
Here is my homemade seed starter that my BF made me with. The purple pieces he printed with his 3D printer. Hoping this works!


I love it except you want it dark so no light hits your roots.


What @Wake said. Roots don’t like the light so blacking out that container with spray paint would work.

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@Wake @FireGuy Yeah I figured that out after I realized everything you plant has the roots in the dark so I will either tape it or spray paint it. Thanks guys! I’m not sure about the amount of nutrients I will need when they take them so if anyone has any ideas let me know!


Will you be using Grobo nutes or something else?

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I want to use Grobo nutrients

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How many gallons of water go into your tub? I THINK it’s .5 ml of each per gallon in seedling and early veg stage :thinking:

I will have to check the size of it, okay thank you for that I will have to figure out how much I’ll need with the amount of water it’s in.

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If you could figure out a way to use roughly the same amount of water as the Grobo does in your DIY setup you could do it. This is purely theoretical so bare with me. You will need to run the DIY simultaneously with your Grobo for this to work.

Fill your Grobo for the first time, wait roughly 8-10 minutes for the nutrients to dispense and PH balance. Then drain the water into your DIY setup. Conduct another fill on your Grobo and it will dispense nutrients again and then it will be all set. Have backup nutrients ready. Now, I can see issues with this also. If any pathogens get introduced, they could spread but in theory this works.

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Seems like a pretty good idea @Wake

I would note however that Grobo doesn’t always drain the entire reservoir, it leaves some behind so that would possibly be worth noting in the comparison, and also the water level does change per levels of the growth stages in the recipe, like Early Veg vs Late Veg water levels etc depending on the plant you are growing.


@wake that’s good idea! And @pyromancy yeah I know it has different water levels too which I’m also not sure about but i did read on here that the pod should be wet on the bottom right now so mine is. I’m hoping I can find it on here when the water levels change after how many days…
Thanks guys for all your help/ideas!!

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The water level goes from the top sensor to the middle sensor on day one of late veg.

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  • (Germination=10 Days=HighFill):,

  • (EarlyVeg.=14 Days=LowFill): {Middle}:,

  • (LateVeg.=14 Days=BackToHighFill):,

  • (Transition=14 Days=HighForTheRestOfTheGrow):

  • (This Is Only If You Do Not Extend The Days On A Photo-Dependent Plant):


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I didn’t know this. Thank you @SilverGrobo


@SilverGrobo Thank you so much for this, it’s awesome!!


Update on Bruce… the seed didn’t germinate!! :roll_eyes:
Sooo I decided to germinate a new seed in a paper towel and so far the seed has split after just one day! I will transplant it to the coco pod in a day or so and hoping that it has better luck this time around!

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