High Fill - urgent [RESOLVED]

**** resolved *****

Recipe Demands high fill in stage 3, Stephen sorted for me! Thanks


Did a drain and fill early to combat a pH issue.

I’m in day 3 late Veg. It filled to high fill, and honestly I feel it’s going to over water and give root rot.

Created a ticket, urgently need help.

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I’ve drained it to the low mark for the interim.

Your trying to do something thats designed a way for a reason. Maybe read up more on root rot and what causes it and what prevents it. Its not that common in tbese forums

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Hey Drew,

Responded to your support ticket. We want to fill to the high water line in stage 3 and for the rest of the grow. Drain and fill the unit again with fresh water, pH balance again and wait for the calibration solutions to arrive.



Nobody is snarky bro. Dont take things personally from.a forum. All here to help

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i dont understand but hope you will get some help by other members.

@alexxali - 3 fill lines inside Grobo unit. While combating a small issue, I was unaware the Grobo returns to high-fill for specific parts of a recipe. SOLVED****