Week 3 Notification

You should have a nice small little plant, 3-4 sets of leaves and roots that extend down into the reservoir. Your Coco Pod should be dryer at this stage, as after your 2nd Drain/Fill the water level in your tank is adjusted to the middle sensor to assist here. Ensure that your roots are submerged! If not, add a bit of water by hand to ensure your young plant can drink.

Growing with clones

Grobo will be adding clone recipes to the app. Did you know that you can grow from seed or from a rooted clone? A clone is a cutting from a mature cannabis plant that can be replanted (under specific conditions) to grow roots, and eventually flower just like a plant grown from seed. The clone will have the exact same characteristics of the mother plant it came from. Clones can be very sensitive and difficult for a beginner to nurture, but they do save time over growing from seed.

What is happening under the lid?

You are growing in a hydroponic system using a grow method called deep water culture (DWC). Your roots are sitting in a nutrient enhanced, hyper oxygenated solution of ‘deep water’. Your air pump keeps oxygen for your plant to breath in the water, while the nutrients ensure there is always enough to eat. The result? Massive growth!

Share your grow to support the community!

You are not alone on your quest for supreme bud! Come over to www.allgrowers.com to share your success and see what others in our Grobo community are growing. Ask a question or answer one, post a picture or stare at the gorgeous plants already there.

Take a photo of your plant’s progress!

Did you know that we have a built in photo mode? Simply press the button on the back of the unit and you will have the perfect spectrum for your plant pictures to share on www.allgrowers.com, or to keep all to yourself.

Why is pH important for your plant?

Your Grobo works hard to keep everything balanced. Maintaining the correct pH is a big job, one that is checked every hour of the day by your unit. pH is a number between 0 and 14, indicating how acidic or alkaline your water is. Cannabis prefers a slightly acidic environment, between 5.5 and 6.5. If your pH is not in balance, your plant will lock out nutrients and not be able to maintain their health.

How does your plant receive its nutrients?

Your Grobo knows when you are adding water through your drain/fill hose and acts differently based on what is happening. If you are simply adding water, this is a ‘Top Up’ and the unit will maintain pH but not dose any additional nutrients. If you drain and fill your unit, the system will register this as a ‘complete reservoir change’ and upon filling up, dose the weeks worth of food into your reservoir. Always ensure your roots are clear of the 3 water level sensors and that the drain hose inside the tank is touching the bottom to remove all of the water.