Ph too high [RESOLVED]

Just tested my ph levels. It was 19 :exploding_head: what do I do?

If I’m not mistaken but when you do a drain n fill it should dispense it to the right ph some one correct me if I’m wrong? Assuming that’s why we have ph up n ph down bottles with our grobo

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I’m not sure :thinking: this my first grow. But I just did a drain and fill, we put 1 tablespoon of recharge in there ( we been doing it for some time now never had a issue) left came back 29 minutes later to check and saw that number.

Not exactly shur where are champs at


I think I’m going drain and refill with just distilled water. Help us champs :pray:t5:

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Yea I use hydroguard n recharge n I’m going to be 100% honest with you but I never check my ph at all


This my first grow also

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Neither did I :unamused:, I don’t know what made me do it.

Also I use 1 teaspoon is what I believe you need for the grobo table spoon might be a lil to much idk

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Your pH meter might be off … isn’t the pH scale 0-14? Send in a ticket asking the Grobo team what their reading of your pH level is.


ph is 4 to 7

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4-7 is acidic to neutral. Anything above 7 up to 14 is alkaline / basic


@a_e_Trujillo your plant is lookin good :call_me_hand:



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I noticed on the less expensive meters as the battery dies the reading goes off ever-so-slightly in one direction until it goes way off the charts. This could be what happened if you left it on for 29 minutes then came back to check on it.

Keeping some spare batteries is helpful to double-check it’s not just that.

It’s good to also make sure it’s calibrated if the battery is deemed fine.


Clones - 70 - 80%.
Vegetative - 40 - 60%
Flowering - 40 - 50%
Final weeks of flowering - < 40%

                             Grobo Temps

Veg Stage - 70 - 85 f
20 - 30 c

Flowering Stage - 65 - 80 f
18 - 26 c

                             Water Temps

65 - 70 f Normal
18 - 22 c Normal
72 & up Root Rot/ Germs

                              Water PH

6.0 - 6.5 ph. Normal/Average
1.2 - 2.0 ec. Normal/Average


As much as I would like to say the Ph meter was off, it was really me off :woozy_face:. I have no idea how I got 19 (I was medicated ) but that’s what it read. So I filled and drained for no reason :woman_facepalming:t4: My husband came right in took the levels with no problem :disappointed:(my husband and I share this account). No more edibles and working. But I truly thank you guys for the feedback


:joy: … well glad to hear your reservoir does not have a pH 19 :grin:




What about temp and humidity during the drying recipe? And are the lights supposed to be off during dry mode? Thank you as always.