Brand new to this! 1st!

1st grow in the works. White widow. Seemed super easy. Hope I’m doing it right! Cocoapod was hard to put in hope I didn’t hurt it. Any advice?

I’ll try to get better quality pics next time


Welcome :grinning:! My advice is to be patient.
Your coco pod looks flushed with the lid so you’re already on the right track. Yeah it was a little difficult for me as well considering the pod was damp and expanded.


Awesome thank you! Any idea when I should open it up. Don’t want to piss it off. Lol plus is it good to flush and fill once per week?

Germination can take up to 14 days depending on your strain. Investigate if not. Did you test a piece of the pod and put in inside? That’ll help the germination process.

In terms of flush, drain and fill; wait until Grobo sends you the weekly notifications. Doing so beforehand will just waste your nutes and it’s not necessary.

Here are some reading material for you while you wait patiently for your :seedling:.

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I did take a bit off the edge and put it over the seed but not a lot. Supposed to stuff it? Cocao pod seems nice damp and spongy. The cocoapod looks like it’s only barley touching actual water. Maybe half inch. Hope that’s okay.

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You did a great job. That should be fine. You want the pod on the bottom to be moist and and have air flow in order to not risk dampening off.

Take a read at the sites I sent in the previous messages. They’re good read.


Sounds good thank you! Your a legend! :slight_smile:


No biggie. We’re all here for the same reasons… I’m learning as well and passing it along. :+1::facepunch:


So the lights are set for 12am but they are off already at 9pm? Any advice

Welcome to AG!!

For sure patience is the hardest part! Especially if you suffer from any sort of anxiety issues :rofl:. lol, truth!

You’ll do great! Happy growing, good luck germinating your white widow!


It should be fine. It sleeps for 20 hours a day during this stage.

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