Water temps/grobo temps/humidity

my tank thermometer is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow. this, a temp/humidity meter, and some sorta root rot prevention will be my only “mods” to my grow seeing as its my first grow and i’m trying to study the plant itself first. any suggestions on water temp, temp inside the growbo, and a humidity level i should shoot for. i’m in the great lakes region to give a little more of a geographic representation.


I’ve read from the masters here…65-68F is best for water, 72F+ use hydroguard. From what I’ve seen of grows here, 70-78F is best internal temp, but I’ve seen up to 84F. Humidity is a whole different story, I’ll let the more experienced chime in as it’s different from seedling to vegetative to flower.

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thanks man. i’m not worried about it so much right now(as i stated just tryin to learn the plant and read her). just trying to get into good habits ya know?! i’m just a guy tryin learn the plant and cutting down my annual flower expenses bahahah

Every plant is different but here some general guidelines
-Rez if u can keep it between 65-70, no supplements is needed… If not use UC roots or hydroguard to guard against bad bacterial growth
-Light on- 75-83 F
-Lights off 71-75
-RH-50-65 for Veg, 45-60 for flowering, late flowering < 55, Less than 40 your plants will be drinking a lot more water to compensate for the increase respiration.



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