Just Started my 1st grow

O.ok bet think u.

Is there any info on cleaning Grobro? Ready to try an auto out next

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Have you started a new grow? Can u do it when u go into harvest?

Do what exactly? If you mean cleaning.
Cleaning should be done after flush and then choose end grow, at this point you fully clean and sanitize before you hang and dry your harvest.
I find that this procedure works best for me because I work hard at keeping my unit clean and sanitary.
I wouldn’t want to dry before cleaning because the water must be emptied out before drying and it would damage probes if not properly cared for and cleaning may be a task after dirt has been dried into the unit.

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Hey everybody! just got around to setting up my Grobo gonna do some Grandaddy Purp
seems like I need a lot of extras stuff to start? can someone help me understand the most needed accessories?

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(pH probes should avoid being stored in distilled water. Tap is actually much better for them and, if you can, get some pH probe storage solution to put them in Regards, Chris.)

(ensure your pH probe is still being stored damp. If you have removed the cap, you can sit it in a cup of tap water til you are ready to go)


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unplug the unit: wait for a 1 minute: Plug back in:–Wait for the reboot to take place: If it doesn’t connect in 5 minutes then try to get it back on through the (settings/Reconnect to WiFi): on your (Login | Grobo App | Automated Home Hydroponic Grow System): ((Set Your Grobo To Listen For Wifi)):

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O.o.k…thank you.

Have you started a new grow yet? How was that cookies and cream strain come out (i think I remember)

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Ive been focusing more on getting my tent grow up and running but I’m on my second kush n cookies right now its in transition.
I have already managed to grow it almost twice the size of the first one by using my own semi version of LST/Supercropping.

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O.ok…thats whats up. Do u have pics of your lst techniques on here?

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Not really I didnt document too well on this grow because I was a bit busy.

If you look at this pic I took a couple weeks ago you can see the clear supports that I used to hold the branches down early on and the way it made the base buckle up.
Its best to start early.


WOW :boom:…nice. u put some work in. :muscle:t5: I was thinking that as well get LST in early and super cropping so it would form to the shape of the Grobro :evergreen_tree:. I’m super excited about my next grow. Its been so long for this grow I’m almost over it. But still can’t wait for the true test of the 1st smoke report…lol.

Where did you get the magnet hooks and the rack from?

For some reason my grobo racks is not long enough to go straight across. They off by a couple of inches.

U doing THC this time? Is that a Grobro spray bottle or its sticker on a bottle? U spray your plant with water from time to time? I always wondered about doing that

I always do high THC with high CBD.
Its a Grobo sticker on that bottle and no I never spray my plant or Grobo, its really just hanging there because I love the Grobo stickers!

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O.o.k…thats cool. Thought u said your last grow was CBD. Me too. great sticker. I have two and used one waiting to put the other one on something else

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Hang in there your going to be on your next grow in no time with plenty of new tricks to try out!
My son smoked the whole harvest after two weeks of curing so this time I will have to hide it to cure properly.
You can find the magnets on amazon.


The metal scrog was made from my clothes rack, mine didn’t fit into the Grobo without cutting it with a tile cutter or you can use anything that cuts threw metal.

You can find these at amazon too but I got this one from Menards awhile back.


Some seeds are just CBD but I get mine around 50/50.
This one is THC 21% & CBD 19%


Almost time for harvest. After tomorrow its set for flush


Thinking about whats next. Got a Moby Dick Auto seed. But its by Seedsman seeds. The growbro recipe is by Dinafem. Can i still use it? Any thoughts on what to do anyone @Bplatinum9 @Russel_Richardson @Azuri

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Looking really good @Jay_Peso I’d say your are a couple weeks out including flush!?

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