Harvest Time - OG Kush

@Azuri ooohhh myyy looorrrdd. Would you look at those buds!!! Seriously. That looks phenomenal

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Thanks @Russel_Richardson

Just started chopping this moment to be continued…


Decent! Can’t wait to see your yield


Ok here’s the results of my harvest and some comments about the grow and yield.

My plant from an early age prior to flowering the coco pod and plant pushed into the resevouir so I really struggled to trim towards the back of the grobo so there were some less mature buds down low and in the back. All and all a good grow with a couple of growth extensions.

Here’s some wet weights to start us off with dry to follow in about 5 days, not drying in the grobo as I’ve already started my next grow. :herb:

Here’s some shots of the buds, I’ve done all the trimming now as matter of personal preference. Easer to trim the sweet leaf off prior to them drying and curling up and doing it then. :man_shrugging:

Now for the weights which obviously at this time are wet and stocks still intact and buds are trimmed and ready to be smoked after drying / curing.

Sweat leaf including all popcorn and larf bud = 49 grams

Bud all smokable quality = 275 grams

I will come back with some dry weight and cured bud pics too. :sunglasses:


One more update:

As I mentioned I’m not drying in my Grobo here’s a pic of my drying room / procedure. The buds on the flat sheet are the smaller sites where I kept the top buds and put the larf and popcorn bud on the “sweet leaf” pile.


Ok drying is completed I’ve linked here to my dry weights.

Wet weight with stocks went from 275grams to the finished amount of 54grams after all stocks removed and drying complete, wow. :open_mouth:


Awesome! You doubled mine! I’m going to try to emulate your grow this time.

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Lit up my first bud tonight. I’m happy to report the smoke was amazing. I picked a random bud and it ripped a part nicely with thick signs of crystals throughout the tight bud. It was dry but sticky and didn’t go to powder or dust like the terribad smoke the OCS sells. (Ontario Cannabis Store)

The real test was the wife, she was impressed and said it doesn’t taste like “homegrown” like some people grow. It taste as good as the big growers! Nice white ash and burns great.


I’m going to harvest tomorrow and enter the drying mode, is there anything to be aware of? And do I have to select end grow to be able to start the drying mode?


Hey @Ctaylor684

I hit end grow at the end of the grow. I didn’t use the built in dry mode in my Grobo as I started another grow right away and dried the old fashioned way outside of the Grobo.

@rainstorm3 and some others have used the dry mode hopefully they can offer some other suggestions.


@Azuri thanks buddy appreciate it.

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@fuz and I did our Drying from the (:groboone: Grobo)… We ended Grow and then:

Hopefully, they will fix the Drying mode wording and the next steps you will have to ignore to restart your new plant set-up… The lights will go out and pretty much hang dry until a little squeeze to here crispy sound and you’re done…



Still amazed at the quality of the bud, tore up this nice bud today for a nice Saturday afternoon bake off.


Looks awesome!


@Azuri. I’ll probably harvest tonight or tomorrow. Any tips? Your og filled out a lot more than mine did though.


Hey @Ctaylor684

Yeah it’s one of my favourite strains. I did add extra time to my veg, flower and flush almost a month total so that accounts for my filling out. It’s always the time vs yield argument.

No game changing tips. Wear some of those rubber surgical gloves and avoid touching any buds when harvesting and trimming. :+1:

Edit: My bad tagged the wrong person on this reply. @Gatorsfn28

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@Azuri did you drain the grobo? It never asked me to but I started the drying cycle.

Hey @Gatorsfn28

I actually ended reciepe and then drained, cleaned and started a new receipe right away. I dried mine the old fashioned way outside the Grobo so I could start my next grow right away.


A little update.

I’ve grown another OG Kush in soil from the same batch of seeds. She’s responding well and just finishing up week 5 of flowering. Buds don’t look like the grobo buds yet but she has some time to go still. :+1:

Seems to be a great strain for both Grobo and soil. Currently using some cheapo China Amazon lights but not all cheapo Amazon lights are equal. I sent one back i didn’t like, spectrum was too blue for flower for my liking.


Looking very good none the less!