Help hot to turn on dry mode (help)!

Hey guys I can’t seem to find the dry mode on the Grobo app can someone help me please I’m a little comp slow :roll_eyes:


Isn’t it the harvest option? Don’t quote me on this.

@Simplegardener17 Its in your recipe list, look for Drying Mode


It’s telling me to fill the growbo is that normal

Not sure, I just started my first grow. Good question for someone like @Bplatinum9 or @SilverGrobo, they may know the answer. If they don’t I’m sure someone does. Have you tried searching the forums for drying mode?

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If you are in dry mode it should not ask you to fill. If you hit maintenance then hit harvest it will as you yo drain then it will go into dry mode. If you just end you grow i belive you can find dry mode under recipes. There will still be some water left in the bottom i belive it to keep the ph probe from drying out.



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