Ready to Harvest! What next?

Hello all!,

So I’m at day 122 and my grobo has gone through the last 10 day flush and today it says Ready to Harvest. So typically in a tent grow I would cut my my nice plant at the base and let it dry out for a week. So this being my first “grobo grow” do I need to drain the water from the tank? Cut the plant? Do the lights stop coming on and just the fans runs for a week to allow it dry or how does this next phase work?

Any insight would be appreciated…

On a side note I used a generic recipe from the my grobo list for my sativa. Is it possible if the pistils are mostly amber it may have gone to far and I’ll be left with an insomnia cure??



Once the recipe completes you’ll need to select a new one called “dry mode” or some variation. I suggest when you hang your plant out upside down to have drained your grobo first so you can quickly wipe it out and do a quick clean or wipe. Then cut your branches and hang inside using the magnets and maybe safety pins. Worked for me! Make sure to weigh snd take some photos to share



Ready to Harvest! What next?



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