Cindy 99 first grow

I always wondered how one uses sweet leave Ik how to make rosin by hot pressing the nugs but I always wondered how one uses sweet leaf

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Quick wash in ethanol, then distill. Google QWET

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That’s cool … awesome I will definitely try it out

I used the magnet wires to help Bring up the leaves to alow proper oxygen flow near the soil



Who’s the breeder for your c99? Our girls look very similar :+1:

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I would love to see ur gro as well …

The seed bank I used was GCS( growers choice seed )

But I will be trying out PSB ( pacific seed bank)

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yeah I’ll post an updated pic of my girl later tonight
Mine is from g13 labs I believe

Day 40
I did extend my grow in late veg just a bit … however the box is in transition mode ? Anyways this is the grow so far …

I folded the large fan leaves on the top under the canopy and by the end of transition I will start pruning the larger fan leaves and doing a clean sweeep

I do hope that the plant gets much taller then it is now … it is getting larger in width but hight not yet … kinda antsy on that part lol


The plant looks very healthy … I’m hoping it will start getting taller then it is now


I’m not sure if I should have extended my late veg stage an extra week to make it Just a bit taller But now it’s in its transition stage and it’s looking reall nice … I do hope that it gets much taller … since it’s my first grow idk yet but over all for what I can see and smell … it is a fine looking girl


She will definitely stretch being that she is mainly Sativa. Should end up with a great height for your first grow. :+1:

Day 77 ( 20/37 ) for flowering

Buds are really starting to pop
When it comes to harvesting is it after the flush period or during once one sees the crystals turn amber Im still bit fuzzy on that ( I can definitely see Trychomes forming ) lol it’s my first grow lol

Also question when it’s time to flush … do I need to take out the nutrient bottles or do I just leave them …


Looking solid here man! About the same time as my gils was born also! Love the Cindy buds popping up everywhere! Have you needed to replace any nute bottles at this point or still all original from start?

Hey MOFLEX, looking good my man!

Harvest should take place a minimum of 7 days of flush. That said, it is highly recommended that you do at least 10 days in order to be sure all nutrients have been flushed from your plant. Many people choose to go longer to ensure the cleanest end product. You’ll want to try and time the flush with your desired trichome ripeness (start flush when you feel your plant is 10 days from being the ripeness you want). I do recommend removing and capping your nutrient bottles (bottles 3, 4, & 5, leave 1 & 2 in)

Here’s a link to an incredibly comprehensive article on harvesting cannabis. You’ll get a ton of knowledge out of it.


She grew a lot! Nice!


Looks like no defoliating was done correct? Definitely interested to see how this method plays out.

Day 87 looking real good and the buds are definitely puffing our and getting thicker … it’s honestly the coolest thing.

So far so good at least what I can see … however my eye sight is bit off and it’s hard for me to really see the amber and how much color changes are occurring , anyways lmk what you guys think I’m probably gonna let the plant continue to through the full recipe


I’m not so clear on when I start to cut the branches and begin hanging them is it before the flushing period or after … and second the drying process is that also during the flushing period in the programmer sched or its added on after lol



  • (#Flushing): (You need your plant roots in the water with no nutes for [Flushing]): (Basicly Cleaning The Plant From Nutrients): :droplet:

[ Week 13 Notification ]

  • (#Drying): (This is a Recipe when you are ready to Hang-Dry): (The lights will go out and pretty much Hang-Dry until a little squeeze to here crispy sound and you’re done): :upside_down_face: :green_thumb: