Grobo Software Updates Thread

Hey everyone!

We want to keep more organized with app updates so we’ve decided to create a single thread to post all software updates to. Hopefully this makes it a little easier to find and keep up-to-date with what has been recently released.

This thread will be locked to commenting for organization but a new Software Update Comments Thread has been created. Please use this thread to post any questions or comments you have regarding any recent releases.


Update 2.2.0

Summary: Some users have requested the ability to delete their grow history and corresponding journals to clear the clutter on their grow journal history pages. We have added a new settings wheel to each grow on the grow journals page which will now allow you to maintain a cleaner grow history page.


• Added a settings wheel to each grow on the grow journals page

• Grow journals can now be deleted via the new settings wheel on the grow journals page (Deletes all saved images and comments).

• Past grows can now be deleted via the new settings wheel on the grow journals page (Deletes the entire history, as if the grow never occurred)


Update 2.7.0

Summary: In recent months we’ve been busy laying the foundation for some exciting upcoming features. While doing so we’ve kept up with patching and listening to feedback. This update contains a new foundation to allow for richer app development and a number of quality of life updates.


• Added an on/off toggle for tips to unit settings and streamlined notifications

• Automatically detects successful Wi-Fi pairings and bypasses the visual confirmation step while setting up a new unit

• Fixed a day light savings bug which prevented units from properly adjusting for the time change.

• Grow journal posts no longer require all fields to be filled to save. Now only ONE field is required and it can be any field.

• Updated admin debugging tools which will allow for quicker ticket closure

• Various security updates and improvements

• Minor bug fixes

• Minor text updates


Update 2.8.0


This release will be addressing quality of life improvements for key features including WiFi pairing, grow journals and future app updates. Release notes can now be viewed directly in the Grobo app and will appear as regular notifications.


• Grow journal entries created on the same day are now properly grouped together

• Grow journal entries now display the full date after the post is more than 24 hours old

• Improved error handling during WiFi pairing

• App update notes are now available via in-app notifications

• Admin tools update

• Various bug fixes and error handling improvements


Update 2.10.0

Summary: This release will be adding improved responsiveness to our drain and fill features. We have added a new flow to both these in-app actions and now automatically notify users onscreen that your drain or fill has been completed.


• Drain and Fill now automatically redirect to a congratulations page once the action has been completed

• Drain and Fill text and images have been updated to reflect these new updates

• Added a button at the end of drain that allows you to quickly start filling again (quality of life improvement for maintaining water levels while growing)

• Added a button at the end of fill that allows you to quickly start draining again (quality of life improvement for cleaning the unit)


Update 2.12.0


Maintaining proper probe health is recommended for improving overall system operation. Users can now check the health of their probes and calibrate (if necessary) using a new health check feature located under the maintenance tab. Additionally we’ve overhauled the recipe selection page, adding a new breeder filter as well as the ability to grow from seed or clone.


• pH probe health can now be checked and will recommend a calibration if needed

• pH probes can now be calibrated using a pH calibration feature located under the maintenance tab

• Plant recipe page has been rebuilt: Plant Grow Recipe | Grobo App | 600+ Optimized Recipes

• Most plant recipes now have a clone version in addition to the original

• Plant recipes can now be searched by breeder

• Plant recipe page is now public and can be viewed by non-Grobo users

• Plant recipes can now be shared on various social media platforms


Update 2.14.0


We have added an online check before every command that controls your unit. This means that everything from unlocking your door and filling your Grobo, to calibration and updating recipes will check your online status before executing the command.


• Added a descriptive popup for each unit command. Will now tell the user if the unit is offline and will suggest next steps.

• Added better error tracking

• Improved home page performance for users with multiple units


Update 2.17.0


Manually selecting or extending a growth stage is now possible through a new shift schedule feature. This update allows users to shift or extend their recipes current stage.


Users can now find a new shift schedule feature located under maintenance on the sidenav. From here any of the following 3 actions can be performed on recipes currently active in your Grobo:

  1. Skip Stage (Example of Use: quicker-than-anticipated success)
  2. Previous Stage (Example of Use: hitting a bump along the road, and needing to go back for more time in the previous stage)
  3. Extend Stage (Example of Use: some stubborn plants need a little more time in their current stage for a variety of reasons)

Update 2.20.0


The flow for ending a grow has been streamlined and improved. It is now easier to enable dry mode after ending a grow recipe. The system will automatically check to see that the water reservoir is empty and prompt a drain if necessary.


  1. A new page has been added to enable or skip dry mode. Users will see this after clicking the new harvest button, located on the side-nav.

  2. A software check and user prompt has been added to ensure the water reservoir is empty before enabling dry mode.


Update 3.2.4


An About Grobo page has been added to the unit settings section. The purpose of this page is to facilitate the upgrading of Grobo Firmware.


How to Update your Grobo:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Settings (found on the side-nav)
  3. Click on the About My Grobo button
    This will display your unit’s firmware version and tell you if you need to upgrade it or not
  4. If an update is required, please click Upgrade

This process may take up to 15 minutes to complete. DO NOT unplug your Grobo as the update is happening.

You will see the system restart a few times and the User LED flash different colours. The update is complete once the User LED is pulsing blue again for more than 30 seconds.

To verify that the upgrade has been successful, visit About My Grobo again and it will say up-to-date.

If you’ve tried to apply the update 2 or 3 times without success, then please reach out to us at and we’ll be able to assist you.

Release notes for the new Grobo Firmware upgrade can be found here:


Update 3.2.15


Resulting from a service provider outage this morning, we have added an in-app warning that will appear on all pages should immediate attention be required.


  1. Added a warning bar to all screens that will appear if there is a temporary disruption of service.

Note: This bar will not be visible under normal operating conditions.


Web-app update 3.5.0


This update adds Grobo Start compatibility to the app. Start any grow from our recipe list in a Grobo Start and transfer it to your Grobo Premium/Solid with the click of a button.


Grobo Start

  • Grobo Starts can now be added to user accounts
  • Grobo Starts can grow up to 3 plants at a time
  • Grobo Starts are compatible with all current recipes
  • A Grow journal entry can be made for any of the 3 plants in your Grobo Start


  • Users can now transplant grows between any their Grobos (Premium, Solid, Start)
  • On transplant all grow data is copied to the new unit (grow journals, notifications, recipes, shifts, etc.)

Note: Updates to the iOS and Android version of the app have been submitted to their respective app stores and will be available for download once approved. This process typically takes 1-3 business days.


Web-app update 3.5.1


Bug fixes and improvements for the new transplant feature. Special thanks to @Bplatinum9 for pointing out a few of these.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented schedules from terminating after transplanting FROM a Grobo Premium/Solid.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong schedule to be served after transplanting some old plants.
  • Transplant can no longer be started on a unit without a plant. A popup is now displayed.
  • Removed the ability to end schedules and drain Solids/Premiums directly from the transplant page.

Note: Updates to the iOS and Android version of the app have been submitted to their respective app stores and will be available for download once approved. This process typically takes 1-3 business days.