New grower-tips, advice and guidance needed!

What’s up friends! New to Grobo, just got my machine 5 days again and set it all up. Popped in 2 feminizes seeds of white wood and a 1 blueberry Fem too. Brand new to the growing community and basically knowledge less.

Looking for tips and what to dos from anyone. Picture of day 4 today below. Aug 12.


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I’m sorry, did you say you put 3 seeds into the pod???




Hey @Edgrr31

Couple of things my man, you cannot grow more than one plant per unit, if they both sprout you’ll need to pull one of them, hopefully it won’t kill the other when you do so. Also, tomorrow once the seedling that has popped stretches a little, if you still see that the seed husk is stuck on the top of your seedling go ahead and drop a few drops of RO or Distilled water on top of it, it should come off on its own within a few hours if not drop a few more on it and very gently coax it off with a pair of tweezers. Welcome to AG buddy, you’re in good hands here, we’ve got your back.


Thanks for the advice! So it’s literally 1 seed per coco pod? I though I was gonna grow some super hybrid plant lol

I did. Is that terrible? Like I said I am clueless lol.

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As @SWSVIC said, if they all germinate, you’re going to have to pull 2 of them. If they sprout but die in the pod, you might have contamination problems. For future reference, 1 plant per pod, so only 1 seed.

Thanks for the pointer. How would I rip the other two out? Should I chance it with them all or start over right away with 1 new seed?


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