Northern light fem

Dear All

this is my first grow ever ,
she has 14 days … …does she look healty ?
is not may damping off ?

thanks for yr kind advise



Hey there. So for starts your coco pod is down way too low. It should be flush with the lid. Send in a ticket and they look into your numbers

thanks Russel …you guess its almost gone ?

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(For [Germination] the first Ten Days):

(The top would feel a little damp and the bottom might feel a little soaked for the Bubbler water splatters up to the coco-pod to help keep it moist):

(For [EarlyVegitation] where you are at now): (The first fan should be on now to dry out the coco-pod):

((#Stages)): :1234:

(A lot of the times We’ve been Noticing that the early doses of the second [Drain/Fill] the Baby has a shock of Nutrient Burn not taking the feed easy):
(First check the [coco-pod] then if it is still wet you will need to dry it out with additional fan): (Give the [coco-pod] a little squeeze and try to lift it up some in the lid): (Soak the wet up with a napkin):
(Did you Calibrate your Probe):? :question:

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(If Nothing seems to help then a [:ticket::tickets:] would be needed):

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She might come back, you’ll have to see after a couple days. If not then just start a new one, at least you’re not too far into it.

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thanks Russel !

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