Germination Day 4

Hello all. My fiancé and I are brand spanking new to this growing in a grobo cabinet and we are now on day 4 of germination and I don’t think that anything has sprouted yet but how long does it take before I’ll start to see it sprout or anything come up from top of the coco pod or down below underneath the coco pod??? Someone please help lol we did everything right. I’m just curious as to when something will actually happen.


Hi Adrianna,
Welcome to the community! I am a recent newcomer as well. I just started my first grow 2 days ago!

Just found out the system won’t let me post URL links. But I would suggest searching for seed germination as there are several good articles by the Grobo team. Here is a snippet of one:
Timeline for Germinating Most Seeds

36 to 96 hours - Water is absorbed, root tip pops through outer shell and is visible
10 to 14 days - First roots and root hairs become visible
14+ days - Seeds not rooted by day 14 will probably grow slowly if they germinate at all

Once seeds have roots, cell growth accelerates. Seedlings develop into full vegetative growth within 4 to 6 weeks of germination.

Hope this helps! I am also waiting for any sides of life from my seed. Hopefully we will see it sprout soon!


Welcome to growing as well and thanks for the info I really appreciate it very much. It really does help a lot to hear it from some one else who is just starting as well.



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Welcome @Adrianna_Roberts, @miami5th
Happy to have you at allgrowers where we look forward to growing with you! :eyes::seedling:


Thanks Bplatinum9!

Adrianna - has the seed sprouted yet? Any signs of life?

I’m a day or two behind you (day 4 here) and no sprouting yet. Getting excited to see something!


Repost if you don’t see anything by the tenth day!