Feedback on Showing Data

The Concern: Showing Data

Backstory: The Grobo one is designed to be the easiest way to grow. Simply add your seed, tell the app what you planted, and it takes care of the rest.

When we first designed the app, we showed sensor data within the app and displayed graphs including temperature, humidity, pH and EC. Our Beta testers experienced a large amount of confusion, not knowing what to do with this information. As a result, we removed this information from the app in order to focus on the core growing functionality which is ultimately letting the grobo control all these sensory readings automatically and only notify you only when absolutely necessary.

Next Steps: We need your help! We want to understand what you are hoping to see in the app.

  1. What’s your personal experience level with growing cannabis?
  2. Do you want to see more data? If so, what would you like to see?
  3. What control over the system would you like to have?
  4. Did data availability / control influence your decision to buy (or not buy) Grobo?

Please feel free to share any other ideas or suggestions you have. Thanks for your help!

Important Note: We will review all of this feedback in-depth, however it does not guarantee that changes will be made.

  1. I’m a brand new grower but have been studying the plant since I started Smoking ten years ago. I feel I’m able to contribute to my grow more than the usual beginner due to me having to read so much on the plant.

  2. I definitely want to see the data so I can research my own and take the number of tickets I send down by trying to troubleshoot on my own. Plus when I’m away I’m always nervous about my temps and humidity. I would like to see the info even if I can’t change it. I also would like to see my grow schedule like how you send in the emails when we request. That would be nice to see so I know when my plant is going through the stages.

  3. I would like to control the picture mode manually. I would also like to control how strong my fans are. I think it should be a tab you click on to be able to control recipes. Or altleasf see the times my unit feeds. Also I think it would be cool to be able to add additives.

  4. The ability to see data and manipulate it was def the major decision to buying grobo. I moved the promise of creating our recipes and sharing them.


I def would like to see more data. Ideally, I’d love to see all the data that you guys get to see on your end. Granted, i’m way more a tech nerd than most.


I definitely want to see more data. Even if you are a newbie grower, i believe some basic terminology would go a long ways for all the users. I saw your post on beta testers for the new notification. Great start btw… Maybe there should be two levels; beginners and advance user notifications?
Beginners continue with the same notifications

Advance users-

  1. Data for PH level and the recommended PH levels you set. PH Triggers/notification when its imbalanced ( a Graph plotting data for PH would be awesome) . Control users EX> give users ability to give 1 ml of Acid to decrease PH. etc
  2. Relative Humidity./ Temp- Triggers/notification when an undesirable range is triggered… a notification on how to resolve it. A graph of RH/ Temp would be nice to see.
  3. EC/ PPM- Notifies you when something is off and triggers you to add more water or something. A graph showing EC data points would be cool to see. Control user ex: EC is over 2… User is triggered to add more water to possibly correct EC issues ( i think this is part of your beta testing)?.
  4. Water levels- Current water level of tank vs manually observing how much water is in the tank. There were Multiple times i checked the tank and water was needed. I think all grows are different and additional water should be given to the user to input when the water level falls under a certain water sensor level.
    Case in point- My Tangerine dreams that i just finished. When the air pump died and there fore the PH/EC got messed up which triggered nutrient burn. Some type of notification or trigger before plant issues arises is greatly needed.
  5. Users controlling Vegetative and Flowering schedule. I think you do a great job with recipes but every phenotype of a strain is so different. I think it would decrease a lot of support tickets for extending/decreasing the veg the flowering cycle.
  6. Personally after finishing a Grow in the Grobo- Marketing standpoint-Saying “simply adding your seed and the grobo takes care of rest” might make consumers think literally popping in a seed and 3-4 months later, you open the door and you get this nice weed. I feel like that is further from the truth. Rather maybe " learn how to Grow Cannabis with the Grobo" I mean your notifications already include Pruning, topping, microcropping, pest management, checking water levels, EC, PH, temp/RH… So why not use it as a marketing point of emphasizing " learn to grow cannabis/medicine with the Grobo"

Just giving my 2 cents.


@Jamminbear great post

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I will make my post pretty clear. I’d like as much flexibility and monitoring you possibly feel comfortable to give a grower at a experianced level. Pretty much everyone’s points above or some sort of a variation I’d like. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With that being said I understand the Grobo is geared to new growers and others who want as close to a hands off experiance due to many reason with seed to harvest end results. It’s been sometime since I’ve grown but I have a reasonable amount of experiance so I knew this when I bought into Grobo but It would be nice to have cockpit view of the grow even if it has little changeable functions beyond a grow extension. If I had a guess that the larger of the customer base is new growers, the thing is the new growers will quickly be experianced growers who will have learned the art of the Grobo and growing.

Just an app suggestion I’ve thrown out in the past if it’s a possible. You could have a basic UI and a Adavance UI toggle on the app. Make both worlds happy. :+1:


Very true @Azuri


Good one @Azuri, I am a Newby grower like the majority (I think). But like you state, I am one who likes to have an idea of what is going on even if I don’t fully understand it. Once I have found I can grow, I might like to play. Or not. Make it like my camera - an Easy setting where I point and shoot, or one where I tweek.


I and another idea for the app too is showing us the ph swings … I know certain minerals and vitamins won’t be absorbed at all ph readings so maybe a guide in the app with the ailments of a plant that coincide with the ph is can’t be absorbed would be cool so we can diagnose our own plants and when we are able to actually change things in our grobo we can go back and check what does cal/mag deficiencies look like and what is the corresponding ph and then we’d be able to adjust it and fix plants ourselves … I think that would most of us feel very accomplished … I dunno just thinking as I’m smoking …

Also maybe we can control fan speed ?


Also have a tab for grobo diagnostics for us to run Incase we feel something is broken. Like calibrating the ph or eco sensor or humidity/temp I worry that I will not catch mechanical issues in time

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**This is my first experience on growing this :herb: for sure… :wink:
**For me, (you know what I need) to control the photo mode… One click to activate until I close the door works for me… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::camera_flash: For the data part of it, (click a hide-button) if it’s on the top page (so I can choose to see :eyes: or not to see :eyeglasses:)… I’m not very bright :bulb: when it comes to info… (hehe)
**When I saw the Grobo :groboone: it looked like it could be a good growing machine and was willing to try it, and very happy (we) did… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb:


I want to be able to choose when i want to switch from flower to veg or vice versa veg to flower. Also i want to see what my ph readings are and have to ability to choose the different light spectrums if possible. Also would be cool if we could add custom nutrients because im sure there’s specific nutrients that make a difference on the way the plant grows and how frosty the buds can get with the size as well.


These are all great recommendations so pretty much making the full potential of grobo available. Starting from beginner growing and up to advanced being able to tweak every option the machine is capable of



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