New computer board needed

I’d love to see those instructions. Sent you a DM requesting you email them, but if that’s a lot of trouble for you, simply post them here and I’ll copy them

Maybe a team to fly out and fix units :man_shrugging: I’ve taken mine apart to an extent. Are u replacing upper board? It’s actually fairly simple with right tools and patience.

No it’s the bottom board , a lot more steps then just taking the top off I’m afraid .

I’m still waiting to hear back . I would find it odd that there one year warranty means they will ship you the parts for free but your there service guy .

Does the res need to be removed? I had that side panel off and it looked somewhat simple to disassemble. If it were me I’d take a lot of before hand photos so u remember where things go.


Rob are you just not comfortable doing it? I have opened both my.machines completely for replacing parts and as long as you follow the directions it’s not that hard. Are there any parts in particular we can help you with. The side paneling is the easiest to get off. I think the wires will be ok if you can tape them so you know where your putting it back.

I can’t speak to the terms of your warranty and I suspect there will be changes down the road. It’s a new product in a recently new industry. That was the risk we all took on when buying said product.


^^^^ I did not know there was a “risk” when buying this machine . I would never drop $2000 on a risk ?

I bought a machine marketed as it does everything for me. Most buyers will buy this because of this . Most wont want to take apart the whole machine if there is warranty work to be done . All new prospective buyers should be warned about the “risk” they take on when spending 2K and should know there the service guy up front or else it’s just shady .


Oops wrong order but you get the jist.

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Yup, thanks Rob

Sorry your machine is troubled

Looks like they just made it more detailed with more steps to help out. It was fairly simple when I had unit apart

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I had the same problem but it’s a really easy fix not hard at all :ok_hand:t3:


Yup ! It’s all good …I got a guy coming this weekend .

Also support from Grobo came through and they are going to send a guy if my guy can’t do it ! So that makes me feel a lot better that the support is there !

So minor hiccup I guess and the new grow should start soon ! Even though manual feeding the one going with the broken sensor and board is doing surprising well so idk …


Hey I’m getting a new board sent to me. Was it easy or no? Also…what was your issue

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Yeah…unplug everything. Connwcr new one. Reconnect. Take a photowhen you start.


Yeah I’ll have to remember that tip. Thanks @Todd.grobo . It does seem simple just reconnecting everything it’s just looking at those instructions looks like I’m reading a foreign language lol. I’m sure I’m capable tho


There are 3 types of boards and samples of each so compare to yours. Its just a matter of 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 etc. Then reverse. Just be careful with the power plug it was a hard disconnect. And wear your gloves.


I think my replacement board just went now …is that normal for two to go poof now ?

Do you have it in a surge protector or UPS as I think it said to use one. I know my TiVo is super sensitive to changes, as they replaced it once, then it still had some issues until I got one.

They probably ship the parts as it is much cheaper than shipping the units. I think UPS from here on the east coast is $440 to ship it oversized. I am sure Grobo gets better discounts than I do, but still going to be a lot.

I already had my back off looking at the air pump, seems easy to get to just take pictures before hand and take your time. I always take before pics showing where the wires and things go if doing something like this.

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Yes dude it’s in a surge protector .

What needs to be explained is why is my computer board burning out every one to two years .

I understand one faulty board but how can the replacement board be faulty too ?

Is this normal does everybody have to change their computer board every 2 years

If anybody In Ottawa wants to buy this message me …it’s not worth the hassle all the time .


  • (No, This Is Not Normal): (You Need To Put In A Ticket :tickets:):



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