Upgrades you would like to see in the future

Yay, there has been 2 new versions introduced to the world with a lot of the previous things we have requested. But I think its important to keep making suggestions so here goes.

I have personally been having a lot if issues with my grobo losing wifi and connection to the grobo network and my girl has suffered for it. Almost dying and getting sick.

I only found out she wasn’t being fed because I’m overly attentive and sent in requests to check my data. I think we should get some kind of notification that she need to reconnect wifi or that nutes aren’t being dispensed. It takes an extra step to contact and ask for stat analysis.
As grobo becomes more popular the tech guys are going to be spread thin. Some might fall through the cracks. Please guy give us notifications that something is not right. Maybe a notice that nutes are being dispensed. So we can keep track.


Hey @Mcmanis , I think that’s a good idea. The Wifi notification would probably be something that could be done. As soon as Grobo disconnects from the servers an email could be sent notifying you of the disconnection.

Make sure that your wireless router or modem is close enough to your Grobo as well. This should aid in reducing periodic disconnections.

Also I know that you check on your girl often which is good thing. Just look at your light at the top. If she is flashing like a 70’s disco she ain’t getting no internet connection.



@Mcmanis Grobo is able to still continue your recipe even with intermittent loss of internet connection. I can’t remember the exact length in time it’s possible, but I believe it is a few days.(fact check me) @SilverGrobo

I agree more notifications being blasted would benefit users.Grobo has beefed up their notifications since a year’s time , but more would be better. I know many users have asked to see more stats on their grow I want this as well.

The communication i’ve had with Grobo about the differences between units was refreshing. I was told no fan or major tech differences between the newer units and the ones already in the wild. The door was buffed not much more than a cosmetic upgrade! I do think Grobo continuing to make newer iterations is a good thing. The iphone 4 isnt as good as the iphone 10 x. A touch screen grobo one that has easier access say removable dwc water tank for sterilizing easier to reach components to clean more powerful lights and much more would be awesome!


Yes my recipe has continued in theory but because of the fact that my plant has been left starving twice do to my grobo not acknowledging that I drained and filled I win this argument. Do get me wrong I love my grobo just want a little notice before situations happen.

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*give us notifications that something is not right…

*intermittent loss of internet connection:


*took a peek at your data and see the pH being a bit wonky. It was running really low at the end of your last grow…

((#AutoNotifications))… ((#GoodIdeas))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


Here’s another tidbit of info that may have helped you @Mcmanis

If memory serves me correct it can as much as 3 days without an internet connection but as stated above by @Chris if you have no internet while doing the drain and fill it will not dispense the nutes. I know this has nothing to do with notifications of lost WiFi I just thought this may help some.


I’ve always been connected to the internet. My grobo has drain issues. I cant take the lid off and take it apart because the plant is too big. I have to wait til she is done and just self dose her.

This one looks like a case of the bottom water level sensor not activating, because the drain tube isn’t pushed down to the bottom of the tank. We have seen it slide upwards in shipping. One hose should be at the bottom of the tank and one hose should be shorter. (The fill is shorter)



I noticed this when hanging up the tubes, scratched my head as to why it appeared one tube was longer/shorter. :joy:


Would be cool to have a storage space on top of grobo. Like wooden drawer to keep(small) growing tools in @Stephen also I’d recommend installing a 3m felt and/or rubber pads for any magnetic device in grobo. The exposed magnet is corroding the painted metal surface. I’ve used paper towel in mean time.


Would like to see strength of internet connection on app


Good call, cause I’m probably moving mine to the basement soon. Would be helpful!:+1:


I was impacted by this exact issue during my current grow.

I agree with the above requests. The fact that there are potential issues with the growing process is acceptable. Draining and refilling is not a solution it’s a workaround. Why isn’t there an option to manually advance?

The lack of any notification or feedback that the system is not functioning as expected isn’t acceptable. Like the feedback mechanism you are proposing is that the plant doesn’t look great, so you have to submit a ticket, at which point you guys look at data we can’t see and immediately notice that the drain and fill didn’t happen correctly? In my case this happened on a Friday so I was out of luck until Monday. The other suggestions were to listen for the sound of the nutrient pumps running after drain and fills - lol like you can hear that over the fans/vibrations. I have since resorted to marking nutrient levels.

Please fix this. Also can you PLEASE add an option to turn off the lights during drains and fills? Better yet - an option to turn off the lights for a few minutes so that I don’t have to click the back button every 30s when checking in on my plant to enter “photo mode” and avoid blinding myself. The lights are bright af and even though everything is legal where I live I don’t exactly want to advertise that I have a grow box in my place.


I love this feedback @LtcTerps.

We have been looking at integrating a wifi strength indicator on our Status page. Yes, a status page is in consideration for users to see more information about what is happening with their unit.

Stay tuned!! Great feedback, keep it coming…,



Hey @ba_zinga,

Thanks for your feedback. We have heard this very clearly and are developing a new screen in the app that will let you see an overall status of your unit. I love this new feature as I run 10-20 units at a time in the grow lab. You will see a beta feature roll out once the shift schedule feature is out of beta testing.

This is the 1st and only feedback that I’ve seen to request the lights go off during drain/fills. We purposefully change the spectrum to let the user know what is happening and I feel that having the lights go off will be weird for most users. Let me know if I’m wrong here growers…

Love the feedback, we are listening and want to improve at all times!



@Stephen I think it would be better to extend the photo period timer. 30sec isn’t long enough. To get great pics you need time to focus and get in position.


:thought_balloon: Just an idea - but could you get somebody else to click the button in the app when it turns off so you can stay in position (and focused)? That’s what I’ve been doing. :partying_face:




I like the light change when it is done…


This is me: ((#HeyHunINeedAGreenShot))…





Not if I’m home alone, which I am most of the time.

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I would like to see the following:

  1. An on / off switch with easier access instead of having to pull out the barrel plug or wall plug and then plug back in. This will minimize these parts from becoming warn. I usually have to unplug every other day due to the grobo internet disconnecting (reason unknown). Probably gonna hook into a Wemo or other switchable iOS device.

  2. A better upgraded pump that is quieter and more secure so it does not rattle the whole machine. Mine is 70-80 dB and annoying. I won’t b able to put in more dynamat till the next drain/fill or till the grow is over.

  3. Thumb screws-machined (I have some on order to test) to make the removal of back panel easier.

Thanks! Keep up the great work !