Draining the Grobo without a WiFi connection

Hi all. My internet went askew and I was plummeted into the dark ages last night. It was terrible. All my smart home technology stopped working and I couldn’t really do anything.

This made me wonder, is there a way to drain and fill my Grobo if my internet goes out?

Of course I can do it the old fashioned way and just use the old glass and bucket method, but that’s no fun!


Interesting question. I’d like to know how the sensors would respond with this approach!

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Great question actually ? What does happen if we are disconnected ? Or for me I move at the beginning of October and will
Have to shut the grobo down in the middle of a grow ? How does that work ?

Funny, I was thinking the same and I’ll go one further. So yesterday I had internet installed at my house, only for the grobo. Cost $70+ a month. Now my daughter and I have unlimited text talk and internet. I pay around $180 a month for that. I think we could get around this redundancy by making the units Bluetooth connected so we could connect through our phones utilizing a real app, not just web based. Again just my two cents. I may also be off base, so let me hear it if so. Thanks all



I also had this thought. You will defiantly want to drain your unit and transport dirt and fast, to hopefully your plant won’t suffer much

Interesting that you have just installed the internet now. The world as I know it would have ended years ago without internet at my house. Seems everything I do at home including my IPTV comes via internet etc. I pay $60 a month for unlimited and don’t pay anything for cable TV couldn’t be with out. I know everyone’s life situations are very different and unique.

I’m little unfamilier with Bluetooth beyond pairing the odd device here and there but I think I’m limited at how many devices I can pair so I think there would be compatibility issues and not to mention Grobo was designed with wifi connectivity in mind. It would be back to the drawing board for data transfer for the techs.


Possibly, but my daughter and I connect our iPhones directly to the tv and watch what we want streaming. No cable bill or those annoying commercials lol


@here, let’s see if I can answer all your questions in one go:

@SterlingNico - if your internet goes down and you absolutely have to do a drain/fill you can still do it manually. Note that the unit will not recognize this as a drain and fill and won’t dose the appropriate nutrients. To fix this, all you have to do (when you get your internet back that is) is drain your water into a bucket, and then fill with the same water. This will trick the system into indicating that a full drain and fill was completed and will dose nutrients appropriately

@chris_barfield - if you need to turn your unit off there should be enough oxygen in the water for your plant to maintain its current status for 16 hours. After 24 hours you’ll start to see the negative impacts of ‘drowning’ your plant

@Osage - we may consider Bluetooth for future products; however, the Grobo One is not Bluetooth enabled

As a general reminder, the Grobo saves the current stage of the schedule to its flash memory. What does that mean? Well, if your internet goes down have no fear! The Grobo will continue to execute its schedule like normal so long as you keep it connected to power

Hope that helps everyone,