Upgrades you would like to see in the future

I like number three

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Yeah I like the light on when doing a water change. I change mine while it’s on night mode so I like the light honestly.



Why can’t I see the data you can see? You can tell me a log of Wifi connectivity, dosing, PH, temp, humidity, light schedule, PPM…

I can see a single notification until I click it, then it’s gone forever; and I can see the overall day and date in cycle it is.

While I get it’s automated, why hold onto the information? Why not use an off the shelf visualization engine and let us play with the information like no other system? No need to give us control, but knowing there’s information I’m locked out of is the 2nd biggest reason I’m already looking into my own DIY system (first being size of Grobo).

Standard application features like an Android and iOS app, push notifications, calendar of upcoming items, adding of tasks, ability to tell it what kind of training you want to do, and get tips (SCROG, Super Cropping, Topping, etc).

Ability to have a webcam integrated in the future.

Great unit for first time growers, love the community, but just wish for some (what feels like in 2019) basic functions in a webapp.


@Tito - I tried a 4K Arlo cam and had interference.


Not sure this has been mentioned, but day one stuff - a power button…

A single on/off rocker switch is a few dollars.

Pulling the power cable or flipping the surge protector is concerning for those of us whom have to do it often or add a reboot from the GUI under maintenance. Since the reboot seems to correct a lot of common issues these seems like a necessity.

A list of grobo items such as a manual sent with each unit or a downloadable pdf outlining disassembly scenarios, parts. Potential upgrades we can do ourselves to existing equipment such as airstone or wireless card.

(Not sure if there is onboard memory but if not) Internal storage such as a microSD card so the schedules can be downloaded to the card and work directly off that. Can’t imagine what happens when a fiber run is cut for some isp due to some construction which could result in a few days w/out internet and the grobo “not checking in”. If this happens during a drain or fill day/period the user has to take feeding upon him/herself as manual filling the unit doesn’t trigger the feeding (at least in my case).

I agree with much of Tito’s feedback. Access to our probes data would be great! For those of us that check regularly we wouldn’t be inclined to open up and take manual readings and seeing this data we could potentially fix our own ph/nute problems before they became troublesome to our plants.


@TheWarden , what kind of camera? My GoPro 7 doesn’t have that issue in any light setting. It did a little like your shot, but I figured out that was the slow shutter speed and the ever so mild vibration of the plastic tray. Once I stabled the tray with magnetic hooks I got better pics

Grow lights on and off


@James - I feel same about cycling power. I connected it to a iOS controllable (Wemo) outlet. Works great!

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@James - Great idea using the magnets to hold the plastic tray down! Thank u!

Arlo cam I’m using: Arlo Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 1 Camera System | Indoor/Outdoor Security Cameras with Color Night Vision, 18° View, 2-Way Audio, Spotlight, Siren | Works with Alexa | (VMS5140) Amazon.com

I’ll have to play with settings

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Magents 11$ - I got two sets


You don’t have the light on changing water? My light isn’t off changing water. That’s odd.

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For me, The non-grow light LED kicks in during drain and fill and once done it kicks back over to the grow lights


Ok so the white light will be on I start draining the green tinted light comes on and fills. When fill is done white light comes back on.

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Yup, that’s pretty much how mine is. Assuming this is the standard. I agree w/ you that the light not being on for Bongsmoker seems off

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I understood @Bongsmoker89 is doing his drain and fills during the lights off cycle. He likes the fact the light comes on when doing drain and fills the green coloured spectrum. I don’t recommend any plant grobo interactions with light during plant cycle light off but I’m sure he has his reasoning and knows. :+1:


Makes sense, thanks for clearing that up @Azuri

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Mostly cause it kicks off at 930 and I forget about it till about 10 or 11 lol.

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You can adjust the schedule in settings to put the 4/6 hour off period to after midnight if you want.

Ethernet connection ability

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The three step process and how I believe we’re finally seeing the finish line…

AG community prior to release…

Grobo when they announce the release…

The AG community following the release…


Cars come with check engine lights for a reason, just saying