SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

Great job @SWSVIC. Sounds like you might be pushing 150 days by the time she’s ready

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Was not the plan haha, I’m glad she’s still bulking up, I’m just wondering why it is taking so long for the trichs to ripen. Genetics or environment?

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I don’t have much experience but sounds about right. Could be any of those factors. You sure are showing great patience though and letting her do her thing!

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Thankful for the guidance of the forum members. I probably would have chopped her last week if it weren’t for them :joy:


You do partake right??? Or are you donating :seedling: to the community…Lol :joy::sunglasses::exploding_head:

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You know I partake, that’s why Trulieve is always sold out :joy:

:joy: messing with yeah bro

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Day 144 (Flush Day 1 of 10)

I have finally flipped to flush after what seemed like an eternity waiting for my desired level of trichome ripeness. She will spend 10 days flushing in which time I plan on performing multiple water changes in an effort to remove as much residual nutrient build up from my reservoir/chiller system. Question for the champs, I am aware that plants appear damaged toward the end of their life cycle, mine did experience some nutrient burn throughout flowering and I’m wondering if the “damage” appears average, above average, or well above average for a plant at this age. Thanks in advance :call_me_hand:. @chris_barfield @vegetato @Todd.grobo

Magnified images are from various buds in different locations on the plant (low and high)

image image image image image image image image

Full plant shots

Macro bud and cola images

Water change stats:

Water out:
pH: 6.2
EC: 2.2
PPM700: 1540

Water in solution:
Distilled water (EDIT) and 10mL Flawless Finish. (Thanks again @Vicc :joy:)

Image below shows final measure of nutrient usage for this grow. 3 & 4 are on their third bottles and 5 is very near the end of its second. 1 & 2 have been left in the unit to continue regulating pH, out of an abundance of caution I have removed 3,4, & 5.


Nice I been waiting for this post to see when you’re going to flush. You decided not to use flawless finish after all.


Thanks for reminding me! Just returned from vacation, today was an absolute whirlwind! Adding Flawless finish now :joy::man_facepalming:t2:.


hahahah!! glad I can help :laughing:


The finish line is in near sight! Looking healthy!

Plans for curing?

(I picked up a WeDryer XL)


Thanks again, added 10mL Flawless Finish for the record.


Honestly still deciding brother, I have 2 HerbsNow dryers but I think I’m going to go another route. My thought is slow drying in a grow tent at 55% humidity for 10-14 days, then giving the buds 1.5-2 month cure.


Looks good :+1:t4: I am surprised you went thru 3 bottles of each. But buds looks amazing wish I could smell it thru the phone :sunglasses: enjoy


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  • (You Are Doing A Fabulous Job): :green_thumb:

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Thanks Barb appreciate your input very much!


Coming home to roost!!! Nice job :+1: yeah kept me entertained…


Crazy how many 3 and 4 you go through. Now you know why we all wanted to buy in bulk :slight_smile:
so much plastic garbage. and its garbage. China isn’t taking plastics anymore, most cities cant afford processing, so most end up in the landfill even though you recycle it. Messed up.


:fire::fire::fire: Looks amazing