SWSVIC’s First Grow (Ever...) ILGM GDP

Pardon me: I’d just like to ask exactly what Strain are those plants? I do not have a Grobo, I am New to this and grow in a Tent. But I need to keep my plants SMALL. I know about LST & tying them down, pinching them etc. - but I admire your work!

My current Grow is supposed to be Banana Kush Auto and Sugar Black Rose (photoperiod, as it turns out). But they’ve grown much higher than advertised. Even with Topping, Bending & pruning, they’re twice the height they’re supposed to be. They’ve gone right to the roof of my 4’ tent :frowning:

Still flowering, so I hope to get something out of this train wreck lol.

(picture is from a bit more than a week ago. My next Grow will be SHORT ones)


Hey @ArrEll

I am (allegedly) growing Grandaddy Purple from ILGM. I say “allegedly” because I do not trust that their genetics are true. That said the product appears top notch and I’m excited to indulge nonetheless. When it comes to sizing these plants early on it really is a “crapshoot” your first go around. You can somewhat control height and width with methods such as topping, ScrOG, and Super Cropping, but my main piece of advice would be to flip to flower earlier on the next time you grow these strains. Also, if you haven’t already check out www.growweedeasy.com it is a wealth of knowledge that has helped me immensely during this first grow of mine. Your plant looks great aside from the overgrowth. Best of luck with your future grows!


A-TY, A-TY. Yes they’re way past their stated Time and much taller than advertised too, but I’ve bought a taller tent (by about 18") plus some strains which grow even shorter, so next time I should have those problems sorted out.

I am expecting some Purple Kush Auto seeds in my mailbox tomorrow…That will be Project Number Two. Will post pics as it develops (and of course - ask for Input)…

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After 155 days of growth, I finally pulled her down yesterday! I believe that I hit the nail on the head when it comes to trichome ripeness (shout out: @Todd.grobo @vegetato @Bplatinum9 @chris_barfield @SilverGrobo ). The take-down/trimming experience was honestly very zen, I had a great time with it. Not nearly as daunting a task as I had made it out to be in my mind prior. The smell is absolutely insane and the buds already have wild bag appeal, I cannot wait to see what they look like and experience their magic once cured! I opted to dry in a tent which is holding steady at 50% humidity. I’m going for a slow dry which should last 7-10 days if done properly. The buds will then be placed into my curing jars for 1-2 months until they reach peak potency, at which point, you know what time it is :sunglasses:. I will continue to update this thread through the drying, curing, and medicating process.

The Grobo did a fine job this first grow, I will continue using it as I do see major advantages especially now that I am back to working in my office, traveling, and enjoying time with friends and family. I’d like to give another major shout out to the friends who guided me along the way and to those who kept up with my grow and learned along side me. Thank you to @chris_barfield @vegetato @Todd.grobo @SilverGrobo @Bplatinum9 @buzzy6 @Letsgrowmore @Jamminbear @Hellyesshedid @drewcmpbll and to all the others who’s names I haven’t mentioned. I truly appreciate you all.

I have an LED light repair and some other modifications to make on my unit and to where it resides before my next grow. I will be introducing the mods as well as a new supplement/additive regime in my next grow thread.

When it comes to “what to grow next” I am having a very hard time deciding… I went on a seed buying rampage during these last 155 days and have given myself too many :fire: options! I am going to consult with a couple trusted advisors and get back to you on this one.

Until then,

Grow well,

Now, brace yourselves for way too many pics:

image image image image image image image image image


Sweet haul bro. Looks like its going to be a good smoke


Much appreciated buddy! :facepunch:


Beautiful! I love watching this grow from seed to harvest great job @SWSVIC!


Nice Job and Haul!!! :+1: Enjoyed watching this grow it was a great ride. :grin:


What an amazing journey! You worked really hard for this @SWSVIC! The bud looks fire!


Good shit dude! It’s crazy, I’ve been watching your grow for like two months now I think…Congrats!!!


Awesome job bro and you really do have the patience of Jobe!!! I have know idea who Jobe is, but I :ear: he had a lot of patience! :joy: very nicely and you must be stoked.


@pyromancy @buzzy6 @Vicc @Aang @DBLZ3RO Thank you guys! Love growing along side you lot! :facepunch:


:fist_right: :fire: :fist_left: :v: You too man, thanks for all your help

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Congrats on the harvest @SWSVIC! Lookin like a sweet haul. Have you decided what’s next?


Nice harvest! Those nugs look so appealing!


Interesting branch structure. It looks like only main cola branches with very little auxiliary nuggets. When I harvested I had the main colas as well but a bunch more side branches and offshoots that produced smaller buds.

How many times did you top her? And were you trimming her to focus growth on the colas? She looks great man!


Appreciate it guys :facepunch:

@Flyers28, still unsure on that one but I’m leaning toward one of my Bloom Seed Co. packs.

@miami5th, this entire process has been uncharted waters for me haha, but this particular part of the journey seems the most foreign to me. I’ve grown plenty of vegetables and other various house plants throughout my life however, harvesting those are slightly different than working with cannabis :joy:. Excited to see how these nugs compare to that of which dispensaries offer.


Hell yeah! If you can, try to source GDP from a dispensary and then compare products. I did that with my AK-47 grow.

The dispensary’s nuggets were smaller and much more condensed. Almost like they had been vacuumed sealed at some point… Lots of the trich heads were ruptured, smeared, or just missing. Primarily amber trichs and I prefer milky. Our grows are much better quality hands down!


I only topped once and that is precisely what I did, pruned/defoliated plant to focus only on main colas (I did obviously allow some small branches that reached the top of the canopy to stay). I removed many lower level bud sites during lollipop defoliations, not sure what type of effect any of this had on my yield as this was my first grow and thus I have nothing to personally compare it to.


Oh yeah I understand about being new and figuring stuff out. Originally I planned on running side by side grows in my dueling Grobos to experiment with grow techniques but I ended up growing different strains. Maybe in the future I will experiment with the same strain but different training techniques.

Side note, you’ll soon see how much of that Recharge purple/black stuff is left behind in your chiller/pump/tubing. I setup the chiller + pump + 5 gal bucket in the bathroom tub to flush out all the equipment. It ran for a good 20 minutes and was still pushing out flakey material!