Need some advice new grower Bruce banner gold leaf

Ok so this is my first grow with the start. I have 3 plants going 1. Gold leaf feminized ilgm 2. Bruce banner auto ilgm 3. Bruce banner auto

So it’s been going pretty well so far however the two autos are having some problems. Both I’m finding are struggling to grow their roots. The gold leaf has tons of roots coming out the pod but nothing on the others. Today is 10/10 germination for all three.

Gold leaf below

1 of the Bruce banners leaves are starting to lighten too

This is the second banner

I appreciate anyone’s help. I’ve been following directions and using the nutrient packs once a week after water change too


They look very nice all of them.
Don’t worry to much about your Bruce Banners, when they start growing the should become real nice.

Where do you plan to plant them after?

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Thanks. I was worried about the coloring and drooping. Tbh I don’t have much of a setup. I planned to transfer to outdoor 5 gal soil pots.Someday I want to get the grobo.

I was following grobo when they first launched and I kick myself for not getting in then at the price.

Ok cool, that should be relatively easy.

the first few leaves tend to change colour quickly almost every grow.

I am not an expert at soil, as I never tried this method but i am sure you can find a lot of information around here.


Update gold leaf still looking strong…. Bruce banners idk…



  • (The Little One That Is Discolored I Would Be Concerned With Her Well Being First): (I Would Investigate Further In Your Pod To Check How Her Root Is): ([:lab_coat: :mask:] See If You Can Guide Her Root To Go Down):



  • (I Would Wait “[A Few More Days]” To See If You find A [TapRoot] First): (Check Out This Share If You Are Concerned, Maybe An Investigation Is In Order): {:mag:}:



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Thanks for all the feedback. First off I didn’t realize going into this the difference in grow cycles between auto and phenos. If anything I was thinking the autos would have been faster.

Update from the field. The gold leaf is looking great. The other two were maintaining.

I decided to follow advice and take a look at the one that was discolored. I split the pod down and straightened her out. This is how she looked

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Alright so here’s the update after a few days. The Bruce banners I think are recovering. They both have roots coming through the pods into the water now! The gold leaf is growing strong.

In terms of topping the gold leaf is it too early?

I moved the gold leaf to the middle for light needs.

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Good news for both Bruce Banners.

It look’s like you gonna run out of space soon.

It is usual to top after the 4th node (sets of new branch). You gonna be there soon if it’s not already the case.

There is really good video on youtube about it.

For my next plant, i am thinking about topping after the 2nd node. I want to create my own little banzai before i put it in the Grobo. I am curious to see how it will turn out.

I am thinking of 13 weeks of grobo start instead of 5 or 6 as usual. If they can make tiny 100 years old trees… i suppose i should be able to limit the spread. :slight_smile:

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Latest update. All three plants are day 11/14 early veg.

Autos are alive and slow growing

I use fim on the gold leaf two days ago and removed two lower fan leaves.