[Sucker Punch Auto] The start of damping-off?

Hello everyone,

I transplanted her from the grobo start at 10 days, and I made sure that the peat pod was dry before doing so. However, after about a day or so I noticed that the peat pad has been getting wetter and wetter by the day. When I press down on it, fairly saturated.

At 20 days old, for the first time she starting to droop a little bit. I keep it a little hot, at about 75-77F, and CO2 levels between 1000-1300. At, night I drop the temp to 65F and open the window for about 45 min.

I use a DO additive, to help with root growth, and Ive let the water temp in reservoir creep up to 72F. I started using hyrdoguard today.

The water level seem low enough not to touch the peat pod, yet it soaked. There was a lot more condensation buildup on the lid a day or two ago. But, it’s a little better in the pictures I posted.

Do anyone have any suggestions on what I should do here?

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What stage of the grow are you in? I would put it in Early Veg because it fills to the medium water level. Do you have an extra air stone + air pump in there or something?

I would setup a mini fan and point it directly at the base of the stem to help fight damping off and dry out the pod.

We should not be seeing water droplets under the lid. I have the same new style lid + basket and also transplanted from the Start. My pod and underneath the lid are dry.

Overall, she is in pretty good shape and I wouldn’t be all that concerned. It seems like you have a good handle on this grow, nice job!

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Thanks for the confirmation on your lid being dry, @miami5th.

That narrows down the issue to transferring the plant to the grobo too soon.

Because, I transferred on the last day of germination stage, the water level was too high, and stayed that way for a week. Which I believe may have led to splashing on lid and hence soaking the peat pod. I should have transferred during early veg, because now that I filled the grobo today (during early veg stage) it stopped at 2 gallons rather than almost 3 gallons during germination stage.

I hope I can save her. She was doing so well until today :frowning:


Hey no worries @kingppin ! She will probably be just fine :slightly_smiling_face:



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