My Seed Popped But Stopped Growing

My seed popped after two days. I had an issue with my initial drain/refill and initial Ph calibration so I’m worried that my plant isn’t getting nutrients. It has looked this way for a almost two days now…no growth. I added water to make sure that the coco pod was dripping when I peek at it but I suspect I killed my plant somehow. I’m on day 6. Is it common for the plant to stay at this stage for a few days while the roots grow? I haven’t been too successful with my first two grows but I’m learning!


I’m not an expert by any means but if it’s still green I would let it go and see what happens.


I wouldn’t be that concerned. She looks great for being only 6 days old.


She looks good for 6 days old. If her roots are growing below, push your pod up an inch or two. You will likely want to extend her in LATE VEG to make sure she reaches the 2nd fan before flower