First Grow - AK 47 Auto - HARVESTED

Cool brother, I’m in Ontario. I border New York.

Update, looking for advice as this is my first time. She seems to be getting tall.

Day 50 (Flower 12/32) AK-47 auto. How does it look? Should I do anything?


What an incredible stretch! Are you seeing any signs of flowering?

Yes, I see white pistils on the main stem as well as those bud branches. Also at most of the branch joints I see white hairs. The plant is also starting to smell really good!

I am a bit worried about how tall she is. There is about 6-8 inches of vertical space left.

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Yea sounds like she’s still got some more stretching to do my man :grimacing:


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Hey! Yes, I have been supercropping like crazy to try and get the height under control. The main cola has been supercropped twice and is now “S” shaped! I have already pushed the cocopod thru the hole.

What else should I do about the height? Also how many more weeks do you think the plant needs to finish?

Thanks for the advice!

Here are the most recent pics. Day 62 (Flower 24/32)


Should I trim up more leaves? If so, which ones? Could you mark them?

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Hey @miami5th You have at least another month by the looks of it. Is it still stretching? If so, that’s surprising this late into flower.

You can certainly do some trimming, there is a lot of undergrowth using up energy that should be focused up top, the top can be cleaned up a little also, to give your bud sites the light they deserve! Check out the tutorial below, you are out of ideal time period to lollipop but there is so much growth I really don’t see it hurting your plant.


Thanks man! She does seem to be slowing down as far as stretching but still doing some. She is drinking about 0.5-1 gallon every other day when I do fill ups.

I will trim up some more and continue supercropping and using tie downs to keep her away from the light.

Any other tips?


Looks good otherwise, I would point those fans directly up the canopy to help reduce mold risk and stimulate bud growth.


Ok guys here is another update. She is really starting to fatten up the bud sites. How many more weeks 2-3? Day 76 Flower 38/46 (extended flower 7 days twice)

Should I try to trim up more leaves? If so, which ones? Thanks for the help!


@Todd.grobo, @SWSVIC, @SilverGrobo, @Bplatinum9, how does she look ? I had to do some major supercropping as you can see!


She really overgrew on you bud, not sure there is much more you can do other than continue to try and keep it from burning up (if burns get bad just chop the cola a few inches below the burn, it is wasted energy as the buds will be worthless), perhaps daily water top offs to be sure she always has plenty to drink/cool down. Think you’re going to just have to take what you get on this one and know that that next time you must flip to transition earlier. I’m going to go on record and say Autos are not a good fit for the grobo, too many variables in their growth.

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Yeah I think she has finally stopped growing taller. The heights of the buds and light burn seems to be somewhat under control. A few leaves were burned but I trimmed those. Hopefully she turns out alright! A lot of the bud sites are looking mighty fine!

In the pics you can see the grobo support racks, hooks, and green tie downs all trying to control the height! She’s an auto so I couldn’t control the growth stages.


Auto recipes don’t allow you to control when you flip to transition?

I guess you can move the recipe into the various stages but the timing of the lights doesn’t change with an auto recipe. It seems to stay at 18/6 regardless of the stage.

I did follow the Grobo recipe for AK-47 Auto but the seeds were from ILGM so breeder unknown