White Russian - Flower stage

Hello growers,
This is my second growth in Grobo. I’m still at least a month away from harvesting and as you can see, the plant is touching the light.
I have tried everything but the branches are very hard and can no longer be moved. You probably can’t see from the pictures, but each branch is covered in flowers. Great genetics but the plant doesn’t stop growing.
Not sure if it’s related to the plant touching the light, but I have already lost two of the lower branches which I had to cut because they started to dry up. I have read about some of the techniques (bending, etc) but I’m telling you I can hardly do anything considering the amount of flowers and the hardness of the branches. What do you think it will happen if I leave the plant as is?


I had a similar problem with my first grow. I felt frustrated with the way she was turning out and had way too much stuff in the back that was touching the top against the lights and such and I could no longer get in back there to move stuff around since the front was crowded. I killed my plant at Day 58 because I still had a long road to go before the flowers would be done.

I wouldn’t recommend killing your plant though. Have you tried using the magnetic hooks to hook the branches up against the side walls at all? Higher up on the stems to move the branch over (without breaking it) Looks like you might be able to accomplish that with a couple of them. That will keep them out of the “square of death” that can burn things up.

Other than that, super cropping is another suggested method to keep those colas out of the light, which involves the firm pressing and bending of stems to bend them down… but you have to be careful where you decide to try that and it is usually done with the higher end of the stem that is usually softer and not the lower part.

Also, once you know your plant is for the most part done stretching, and is flowering nicely, some have recommended to completely drop the cocopod into the reservoir to gain a few inches of space.

This was my plant:

The options start to get limited, but others like @miami5th , @vegetato , and @SilverGrobo have all had very tall plants that made it to the finish line.


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Thank you so much for the long response! Really appreciate the time you took. I’ll try again with the metal latches. Hopefully she will make it. Will keep you posted.


I agree with @pyromancy they explained your options pretty well!
All I’d say is that supercropping would benefit you and it is often utilized in this stage for this reason with minimal negative side effects.
Lookin awesome, great job taking care of her!


LOOKING good brother


@Luandri you might try like the hooks like suggested but up higher where the branches are thinner and more flexible. Try pulling them to opposite sides and hooking them. Maybe like pulling and hooking this to here would cause I bend like this???

That is what I did and this it what I came up with. I got it to hook where I could and put as much bend on it as I could and then would just slide the hook a little more down the wall each day to slowly add more curve to it.

Not in great pic can’t really see the hooks but you get the idea from the bends at the bottom.


@Luandri hard to see with the lighting but this branch does this and one of these is it top, can’t remember which one. So it goes from one side of the box at the bottom and is hooked to the opposite side at the top.


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It all looking GOOD


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