Easy way to clean roots!

Hey everyone!

With the Grobo I have seen some of my plants struggle with different root issues. I ran across a root issue that was growing out of control and came up with a way to clean them using just water and my water pic, yes I said water pic the one I use for my pearly whites.

I had a white mass start in my roots that grew over time that eventually ended up growing into a bio film that covered my roots and even started growing what looked to be a form of mold. I informed Grobo through a ticket and they instructed me to clean the roots ASAP with .some hydrogen peroxide to ensure it didn’t affect my plant that was well into flower.

Like normal me, I wanted to come up with something that didn’t use chemicals. The idea of my water pic popped in my head but that thing is pretty powerful and I didn’t want to damage the roots. I then also remember that it has the ability to be put on “low.” Let’s try this? I drained out the water in the reservoir and attacked the mess with a light pulsing stream of RO water.

In the end, it WORKED! I took the plant to harvest and am very happy with the results. Some pictures below so you can see what I was talking about. One picture is when I first noticed the root issue, then another to show you the fuzzy white mass stared to spread all over, then the last one after I cleaned with the water pic.

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