When should I Super crop?

Hi Stephen, when should we begin supercropping, prior to flowering or shortly after the flowering cycle starts?

What does the stretch has stopped mean exactly?

I appreciate the input!



Hi Azuri,

You don’t have to super crop, it is a technique in the growers ‘toolbox’ to help increase cannabinoids and maximize canopy light. You can utilize this technique in early vegetative growth, all the way into flower. You can use this technique if you are too close to the light, although it may slow your grow down a week.

When your light cycle changes to 12 hours on, 12 hours off, you will see your plant stretch more than usual. This will last for approx. 2 weeks before the plant settles down and focuses on your flowers. It’s during this short period that you need to be most concerned about height and light proximity. Try and keep 8-10 cm space. (3-4 inches).



Supercropping is a high stress training technique that serves a couple purposes. One is to allow you to manage your canopy by bending the branches in directions that benefit the plant. (Giving bud sites more access to the light) The second benefit is that THC is created by the plant for protection. When the plant is under attack (super cropped) it responds by upping the production of cannabinoids, THC included. All that being said, use HST (High Stress Training) sparingly. Your plant will undergo stress and respond, but constant stress isn’t productive in the end. I don’t super crop at all once I’m two weeks into flower and most of the stretch has stopped.




Question @Stephen does pinching the stems do anything? I know when you super crop you pinch and bend. But what if you just pinch it ? I accidentally pinched a stem and that stem started to produce numerous fan leaves ? Is this a technique growers use to produce more bud sites or any ofther positive benefits?

Once I saw the explosion in growth I pinched one more stem to compare to the other three to see and the second pinch did the same as well?



Did they do the same as well?.. Inquiring minds want to know… :wink: The trick works very well…:green_thumb: The plant thinks that it’s under attack, and to fight the wound it sprouts up more shoots… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Interesting question @chris_barfield,

I actually pinch, twist and bend for super cropping, less snapping this way. What you are doing is some stress training, where the plant is responding to the conditions it is sensing. If a branch is bent, the plant sends extra energy to the area to increase healing. This is the result of what you are seeing. Can you use this to increase yield? Possibly. The tried and true methods we are all aware of include super crop, topping, fimming, scrog and lollipopping.

The ‘Barfield Pinch’ may be the next big thing!!





I second the Motion:wink::green_thumb::green_thumb: