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Dude I fucking love this! I’m literally in the middle of making one myself!

Love the thinking!! :call_me_hand:t3:


Let’s just say it’s the calm before the storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: …(flush) is coming…


@Rich I can’t wait see your yield. Please give us a review of your weed too. What is it again?


I guess that puts you at about 2 weeks roughly to harvest?

@Rich mentioned it was Chemdawg, lol I asked too. :+1:


@Azuri and @Jamminbear

Chemdawg is correct and a little over 2 weeks but close enough. Hopefully this week we get a little more density within the buds, but overall happy with everything.

Fingers crossed I get decent yield🤞🏼



Looking good so far! Dark green healthy leaves, short and bushy, no burned tips.

  1. Supercropping is a high stress training technique that serves a couple purposes. One is to allow you to manage your canopy by bending the branches in directions that benefit the plant. (Giving bud sites more access to the light) The second benefit is that THC is created by the plant for protection. When the plant is under attack (super cropped) it responds by upping the production of cannabinoids, THC included. All that being said, use HST (High Stress Training) sparingly. Your plant will undergo stress and respond, but constant stress isn’t productive in the end. I don’t super crop at all once I’m two weeks into flower and most of the stretch has stopped.

  2. Yes. You may be able to wait a bit, as each leaf seems to be getting plenty of light and is looking healthy, but defoliation is a constant chore. Remove dead leaves, lollipop, remove small branches and the bottom of your large branch growth. We want to focus the plant energy upward, giving us bigger buds.

  3. Just under 40 days, correct. The germination stage is 10 days, so depending on when you actually pop, your stage may vary. You will notice the light schedule change if you are growing out a feminized seed.



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Got my Grobo Last Thursday and on day 3 someone is making their debut!

To be continued…


This is day 6! OG Kush… kickin it old school.


Haha, I’m growing the same strain! Mine is day 5 so we should be enjoying our harvests around the same day. I’ll post some pics at various stages too.


Day 36… Topped her six times and LST/Supercropping…


Beauty! Can’t wait to see the flowers


I’ve not posted since day 3 so here’s day 14 progress picture and believe one of @Stephen new fancy notifications for drain and fill!


Day 31. Bushy af. Have only trimmed off 6 leaves in total. The one leaf at the front looks burnt/discoloured likely from a slow unfolding/opening. Everything else looks healthy even if stunted in size based on a day to day comparison. She still looks healthy and about ready to shoot up.

Looking forward to when grobo sells the back inside cover in a final fit as I feel the air bubbles push the roots in that direction so it will be needed to preserve the unit for longer use.


@Todd.grobo stunted growth aside it looks healthy nothing an extra week in veg can’t fix. :+1:

I’m struggling to visualize what you are speaking about or I missed the conversation on this. Are you talking about the root shield to prevent root entanglement with the fill level sensors?

My unit was shipped with a clear plastic root shield that looks like it will work, was this not the final version? There was talk about reducing the thickness of the root cover shield which I also believe to be in my unit but I would need to check for sure.

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Yes the root shield. I did not get one in my box.


Hey @Todd.grobo,

If your unit doesn’t have one please email about that. All units should have a water level sensor shield in them (this is not an accessory, this is a necessary part of the Grobo One)




Just thought I’d show a pic or two of my girl “delicious candy” . She’s about three weeks in. No nutes just ro water and planted in foxfarms ocean forest. Will be transplanting her in a three gallon today or tomorrow. I fed her yesterday and she is already dry. Let me know what you all think.


The stock is a beast on that.

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Yeah she’s drinking like a mother. Decided to give her one more night in the solo cup, fed her and planning on transplant tomorrow after she wakes up. First feeding will be same as before, ro only water so she can acclimate. After that will start her on nutes. More pics of her in her new home tomorrow.

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